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DBHS alumni passes away

Brian Chang, News Editor

It was 5:10 AM on Sept. 11 when Dylan Hsu stopped along the 405 Freeway in Torrance to help his fraternity mate Benjamin Anh Luong. But while he and Luong were changing Luon...  Read More »


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Students lose choice of school districts

This may be the last school year that 25 percent of  Diamond Bar High...  Read More »

DeCambra leads students south of border

For the past four years, Diamond Bar High School math teacher Shari DeCambra...  Read More »

Bravo braves Mt. Whitney

DBHS Brahmas reached new heights at the beginning of the school year when...  Read More »

Keep medical records out of the election

Eric Hong, Opinion Editor

In the past weeks, Trump supporters may have thought they had come close to victory when they saw the words “Hillary Clinton” and “pneumonia” in the same...  Read More »

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District of Choice

Megan Lee...  Read More »

The face of terrorism

The media is responsible for delivering complete and truthful information to the...  Read More »

The face of terrorism

Journalists often claim that their duty is to report the truth and nothing less; how...  Read More »

Tips for time management

September 14, 2016

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Freshman thoughts

Poetry Club

Calliope. In Greek mythology, she is the muse who inspires eloquence and epic po...  Read More »

Brahma leads Maple Hill

Becoming a teacher is the career path desired by  many children, but rarely do...  Read More »

And the Nominees are…

Emily Jacobsson, A&E Editor

The most intense night of television lies not in a show’s series finale or a season cliffhanger, but rather the Emmy Awards. With the returning winners mixed in with new standou...  Read More »

September 14, 2016

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Artwork in the Area

Today, seeing a work of art doesn’t even require you to leave your bed. You can fo...  Read More »

A Feast of New Television

Once again, we’re approaching that time of year when new television series compet...  Read More »

A letter to the Film Industry

...  Read More »

Brahmas defeated by San Dimas, 49-0

Emily Kim, Sports Editor

With league play two weeks away, the Diamond Bar High School football team lost their third contest  of the season on Friday, 49-0  against the San Dimas Saints. Before...  Read More »


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New coach brings hope for girls tennis

Despite a tough season last year, Diamo...  Read More »

New regimen prepares Brahmas

Diamond Bar High School’s varsity cross c...  Read More »

Younger team looks to continue legacy

Diamond Bar High School’s girls golf team...  Read More »

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