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David Hong returns to DB to replace Terry as Assistant Principal

Emily Kim, Sports Editor

Along with the addition of a  new principal, Diamond Bar High School will be welcoming an old face to the Brahma staff, David Hong, while saying goodbye to assistant pri...  Read More »


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  Within days of its release, Pokémon Go has become the most popular ...  Read More »

Brahmas attend National CTSO conferences

In their final competition of the year, members of Technology Student A...  Read More »

New GLC announced

Diamond Bar High School’s intervention counselor Stephanie Duenas has ...  Read More »

Injustice in Stanford rape case

Noor Naji, Asst. Opinion Editor

It has become a complete norm to hear the news that yet another young, privileged white man has received a shorter sentence even after being found guilty of a crime. In...  Read More »

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Donald Trump With the U.S. under a $19 trillion debt, Donald Trump has voiced...  Read More »

Seniors: To vote or not to vote?

ith the upcoming primary election, young voters are faced with the hardest of...  Read More »

With Bernie or Bust, the Dems are dust

t this point in the race for the White House, there are some concessions that ne...  Read More »

K-CON LA 2016 Experience

Catherine Zhang, Feature editor

After attending a convention based on Korean “Hallyu,” such as K-POP and K-dramas, my long-extinguished passion for Asian entertainment has been reignited. Lured b...  Read More »

August 9, 2016

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A nitrogen treat at Dragon’s Breath

If breathing out nitrogen was never a thing, it is now. Located in Koreatown and B...  Read More »

A night at the wax museum

After a long night filled with wax figures and many stairs, my first experience at ...  Read More »

Prom Lookbook

At the Oscar-themed prom held just a few days ago, these were a few of the commonly...  Read More »

Now Showing: A disappointing ‘Ghostbusters’

Cindy Liu, Staff Writer

This female-dominated, modernized reboot of the 1984 hit film “Ghostbusters” will disappoint fans as it is nothing more than a mediocre remake. Paranormal enthusias...  Read More »

July 22, 2016

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Now Showing: X-Men: Apocalypse

Seven X-Men films later, enduring what is the longest running on-screen adaptation of...  Read More »

Students compose their futures

Every student has a different idea of what it means to be successful. Some might...  Read More »

Dance expresses their art on canvas

With summer around the corner and finals almost here, DBHS Dance Company decide...  Read More »

Fifth straight CIF title

Emily Kim, Sports Editor

Claiming the CIF title for the fifth year in a row and remaining undefeated in league, the Diamond Bar High School varsity badminton team has continued its legacy of domination. The...  Read More »


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Swim breaks school record

The Diamond Bar High School varsity swim...  Read More »

A bittersweet end to a hopeful season

The Diamond Bar boys varsity tennis team...  Read More »

Seniors drive to another title

Led by senior captains Josh Song and Dylan...  Read More »

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