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Second rally planned for DOC

Angela Yang, Asst. News Editor

Assemblywoman and DBHS alumna Ling Ling Chang, who is seeking a seat in the State Senate, is working on a bill that will address reviving the District of Choice bill that di...  Read More »


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Students voice opinion in favor of Democrat

Many consider the upcoming Nov. 8 presidential election to be one of the most ...  Read More »

Crowning royalty

A new chapter for the LINC leadership

To replace long-time librarian Pamela Hunter, who retired over the summer,...  Read More »

Examining the issues: How each candidate would run the country

Stuart Kusdono and Noor Naji

Most believe that a Hillary Clinton presidency will only be historic because of her role as the first female president of the United States. They haven’t thought ...  Read More »

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LEGALIZATION: Greener on the other side?

No room for underdogs in a two-party-only system

“Is this the best we could do?” This question was asked by many Americans aft...  Read More »

Divided States

It is a miserable sight to see endless bickering between two uncompromising poli...  Read More »

Carving fun into Halloween

Sophia Kim, Asst. Sports Editor

As October comes to a close, there are many family-friendly events to attend. From pumpkin patches to carnival games, these local events are within budget and can guarantee...  Read More »

October 26, 2016

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An Arabian night

As I arrived at my first homecoming dance this year at the Westin South Coast Plaza...  Read More »

Homecoming Askings

With a shining, shimmering and splendid night right around the corner, Diamond Bar...  Read More »

Social media brings profit

Most people can find old, forgotten heaps of clothing in the back of their closet,...  Read More »

Election goes cyber

Pauline Villegas, A&E Editor

In 2016, social media takes part in almost everything we do. From choosing what to eat to selecting  the next president, social media is almost always affecting people’s liv...  Read More »

October 13, 2016

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A picture of young art lovers

Recently, it’s become pretty common for teens to go to the trendiest modern art...  Read More »

Brahma Brings Words to Life in New Poetry Book

From the small margins of her notebooks, Megan Lee’s doodles have found a new home ...  Read More »

Converting videos to volumes

Youtube is no longer simply a social media platform where anyone can create and sh...  Read More »

Brahmas lose final home game

Ryan Chae, Sports Editor

In their final home game of the year and third league match, the Brahmas kept the contest close but were unable to defeat South Hills, falling 35-21. This game was the fir...  Read More »


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Brahmas yet to earn first league win

Diamond Bar’s woes on the football field cont...  Read More »

Athlete of the month: Davion Bluitt

From straight outta Compton to running back...  Read More »

Brahmas rise to top of the pool

Entering its third year, the Diamond Bar...  Read More »

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