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Striving to drive the vibe at DBHS Thrive

Photo courtesy of Justin Tsuei

In a generation grappling with issues like depression, fear, and anxiety, the importance of student well-being cannot be overstated. The Diamond Bar High School Wellness Center, recognizing this, continues to advocate for relaxation and mental health through innovative school-wide events like Thrive. Thrive provides DBHS students with a valuable opportunity to take a break from academic concerns and prioritize their well-being.

Thrive, an event designed to help students “thrive” in their daily lives, was introduced three years ago as a successor to the DB Forum. Under the guidance of Mrs. Mesdjian, the Wellness Center Coordinator, and advanced peer counselors, This has also created a wonderful opportunity for the newcomers to adjust to high school and make new friends. Thrive has evolved to meet the ever-growing needs of today’s students.

Students eagerly sign up for Thrive, gathering over a hundred participants every year! These students are grouped into teams of ten, where they embark on a journey of self-discovery and connection. Activities range from icebreakers to more profound discussions about emotions and behavior. This year, the school has chosen the theme “Inside Out”. 

The heart of Thrive lies in its ability to create a safe atmosphere for students. “Thrive is the only event on campus that allows students to examine their feelings and behavior in a supportive and non-judgmental environment,” the coordinator said. Participants share their thoughts, experiences, and “ah-ha moments” with their peers, encouraging a sense of family and empathy.

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According to Mrs. Mesdjian, “Students come away from Thrive feeling more connected to others and more empathetic toward fellow students than they did going in.” Thrive offers students a pause from their academic routine, allowing them to explore their emotions and develop valuable insights about themselves.

This commitment to mental wellness is a beacon of hope for students. At a recent Thrive forum held last month, around thirty underclassmen gathered in the gym for an engaging half-day event. Organized by the Wellness Center, the event was limited to freshmen and sophomores who had pre-registered through Google Forms. However, in light of the success of Thrive, the peer counseling team plans to extend this initiative to juniors and seniors, emphasizing the importance of mental health support for students at all levels.

The discussions at Thrive also tackle substantial topics such as academic pressures and social issues on campus. Students have a safe space to voice their concerns and share their perspectives, knowing they will be met with support.

Mental health is a rapidly increasing concern for students as they approach the most stressful times in the semester, the peer-counseling team said they aim to aid those in need of help. As Thrive continues to thrive itself, it serves as a testament to the commitment of DBHS and its Wellness Center in prioritizing student well-being and creating a supportive environment for personal growth, connection, and, above all, thriving.

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