The Bull's Eye

Giovanna Santiago (left) and Geraldine Chan bring their expertise to campus.
Teachers start new legacies
Lyndon Kaneko, Staff Writer
September 8, 2021

Following a mass departure of retiring teachers last year, Diamond Bar High School has managed to fill their positions just in time for the new school year.  Seventeen staff members have joined DBHS...

AP scores dwindle over pandemic
Ryan Kung, Asst. Business Editor
September 8, 2021

Despite having previously switched to a strictly digital format, the 2021 AP exams were administered both in-person and online this year. In order to accommodate students who could not take the tests...

School implements technology guidelines
Lyndon Kaneko, Staff Writer
September 8, 2021

After years of using pen and paper, Diamond Bar High School has begun transitioning into a new era of learning. Following distance learning, many instructors have reapplied their findings from teaching...

Marcus Hsieh
Vaccination statuses raise concerns
Kyle Hong, Staff Writer
September 8, 2021

With the reopening of Diamond Bar High School, the staff have taken various precautions to ensure the safety of students. However, due to the amount of students on campus in contrast to the amount of staff...

Campus tightens precautions
Lauren Cheng, Asst. News Editor
September 8, 2021

In light of Diamond Bar High School’s reopening, students and teachers alike have many shared concerns about the way in which social distancing guidelines have been relaxed to accommodate the sizes of...

Brahmas explore the Upper Courtyard and peruse the various available extracurricular options during lunchtimes.
Clubs kick off with hybridized recruitment time
Marcus Hsieh, News Editor
September 8, 2021

After a year of disrupted traditions at Diamond Bar High School, Club Rush has returned alongside the in-person school year, boosting the many clubs that were impacted by limited opportunities last year. Last...

Universal School Meals mandates schools to provide meals to students.
District offers free lunches
Jianlan Busteed, Asst. Opinion Editor
September 8, 2021

Bringing lunch money to school is becoming a distant memory for Diamond Bar High School students, who now have access to three free meals per day.  After the pandemic revealed the dependence students...

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