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Senior graduation plans
Lauren Cheng, Contributing Writer
May 26, 2021

Ensuring that seniors enjoy a memorable final  memory of high school, this year’s  graduation, organized by several faculty members including Lisa Arionus, Jazmine Silver, Shari De Cambra and Janna...

Daniel Min will be heading to UPenn.
Graduates to attend prestigious institutions
Kelsey Wu, Asst. Feature Editor
May 25, 2021

After completing the arduous college admissions process, a handful of Diamond Bar High School seniors will be attending some of the nation’s top universities to pursue their dream majors. Both Ryan...

Doug List served as adviser for school publication The Bull’s Eye for 10 years.
Staff’s final chapters at DBHS
Marcus Hsieh, Asst. News Editor
May 25, 2021

Throughout students’ four hectic high school years, teachers serve as steadfast anchors in the ebb and flow of secondary school life. However, at least four veteran Diamond Bar High School teachers,...

Prom was held outdoors with lights, music, backdrops and games on the artificial grass area next to the 800 Gym Building.
An enchanting night on campus
Kyle Hong, Staff Writer
May 25, 2021

In a surprising, last-minute revelation that pleased many Diamond Bar High School upperclassmen who had been hoping for more events as the school year came to a close, DBHS administration allowed an in-person...

2022 class officer positions announced
Jeremiah Jung, Contributing Writer
May 25, 2021

Music videos, skits, and flyers filled class officer candidates’ online profiles in the election for 2021-2022 school year officer positions. When the results of the election were announced on May 1,...

Ethnic studies raises debate
Ethnic studies raises debate
Somiya Jajieh, Asst. Feature Editor
May 25, 2021

Throughout the past year, ethnic studies have begun to be included in high school and college curriculums. Although the introduction of such a class has often been met with criticism, several Diamond Bar...

Summer school set to in-person
Kyle Hong, Staff Writer
May 25, 2021

As Diamond bar high school makes the slow transition back into in-person learning, plans to hold summer school in person this year have been announced. Last summer, in-person classes were converted...

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