The Bull's Eye

Walking through the decades in style

Somiya Jajieh, Asst. Feature Editor

February 18, 2020

As the trends of each decade come and go, shoes remain the most important part of any outfit. They represent an individual's personal style and can turn even the simplest of outfits into a bold statement. Oftentimes, the shoes...

How to bake: candy cupcakes

Camille McCurry, Staff Writer

February 18, 2020

It’s four days post-Valentine’s, and already grocery store aisles are making way for the Easter candy line-up with massive discounts on every heart shaped candy: conversation hearts, heart-shaped Reese’s, heart gummies… The...

2008 grad seeks justice for the elderly

Connor Cho, Staff Writer

February 18, 2020

It wasn’t until she became a teenage mother that her perspective of the world shifted and she developed a passion in helping others to create a better future for her children.  Diamond Bar High School class of 2008 alum...

Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Vera Wang, Staff Writer

February 13, 2020

Personalized MnM Chocolate Boxes: (ranges from $15 to $38) With Valentine’s Day just days away, many are scrambling to stock up on the predictably routine gift: a plain, red heart-shaped box of chocolates. Instead, cat...