The Bull's Eye

Evelyn Nakaishi

Evelyn Nakaishi, Asst. Sports Editor

Pronouns: she/her
Years on staff: first year
Birthdate: 4/15/2007
Social Media: ig: evelynnakaishi
Life Motto: you live once
Unique thing about yourself: i do hurdles in track
Most trivial hot take: cereal before milk
Favorite superpower: telelphonekinisis
Dream job: not sure yet
Job you would be terrible at: anything involving children
Favorite movie/show/etc: movie: 10 things i hate about you games: valorant
Favorite artist/genre/song/album/artist artist: sabrina carpenter, genre: pop, song: why
Something you're proud of but never get a chance to talk abouthaving the opportunity to be apart of the paper
Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you:
falling in a track and field race


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