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AOTM: Isabella Ross


Setting up her team for success, senior captain Isabella Ross plays to her strengths, leading the Diamond Bar High School volleyball team in assists.

Despite not playing any sports throughout her childhood, Ross has become a key player for multiple teams, including IMUA Universal Volleyball Club, after being introduced to the sport at age 13. 

“One of my friends persuaded me to try out for the middle school team [and] I just thought ‘Why not?’ I made the team and after that, I decided I would take it more seriously,” Ross said. “So, the same friend and I joined an actual volleyball club.”

Since then, Ross has been honored with all-Hacienda League Runner Up and All-Hacienda League Academic. Most notably, she surpassed 1000 assists in her high school career, during her senior season.

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“When I really reflect on [reaching 1000 assists] I think it’s a big deal. I had no stats for my freshman season, so I was really surprised that I reached this milestone,” Ross said. “And it felt really good to make it with my team, because they were all cheering for me and supporting me and my accomplishment.”

However, being a dedicated student athlete is not without its setbacks, as it requires careful planning and scheduling to fulfill all responsibilities.

“Honestly, I’m not the best at balancing my time, and it’s definitely a challenge. I’m doing my work when I can,” Ross said. “Whenever they give us time to do our work in school, I’m trying to complete things because I know later I need to commit to volleyball and it is my priority.”

Within and beyond the court, Ross sets herself apart as a leader and supportive team member, collaborating with others in all aspects.

“Volleyball is such a team-oriented sport, and you need to be communicating the whole time, whether the ball is in play or not,” Ross said. “Even in simple stuff, like group projects, I know how to be open-minded to suggestions and make sure I value everyone’s input, because that’s how you make a better team, when everyone feels like they’re heard.”

In the future, Ross is open to playing college if the opportunity presents itself, but knows that volleyball will always be a part of her life.

“[I recommend you] be coachable because your coaches know what is best for you,” Ross said. “And then, when you learn what position is best for you, just keep practicing. Practice makes improvement, definitely.”

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