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Capturing vivid imagery from above, Diamond Bar High School Lens Club members snapped photos of the first football game of the season using remote-controlled drones. As DBHS’ only photography club, Lens Club has participated in a variety of on-campus activities– uniting the campus one shot at a time.

Setting Lens Club apart from other interest-based clubs, its compact group makes it so that members are able to form strong, special bonds. Students are presented with the opportunity to get to know others with the same interest on a deeper level, through the club’s weekly events, including themed photoshoots and workshops. 

“These will not only inspire people to learn different methods of photography, but to open up their creativity as well,” vice president Nathan Nyaung said. 

A wide array of themes are available for the students to experiment taking photos with, some of which include fashion, food and holidays, with past works of the club found on their social media platforms. However, officers of Lens Club encourage all potentially interested members to join them in person to experience what a photography club is like first-hand. 

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Through their exploration of photography, Lens Club president junior, Alyssa Wang, and vice president senior, Nathan Nyaung, both agreed that they discovered a new hobby worth pursuing. The club gave them the push they needed to enter the field of photography.

“I joined this club freshman year because I wanted to try a new hobby that allowed me to take a break from my devices,” said Wang. “I thought photography would be a fascinating one to pick up.” 

For Wang, the decision to join Lens Club as an underclassmen seemed trivial at first. But throughout her years of school, she soon realized the importance of photography and its role in the creation of long-lasting memories. 

Nyaung also joined Lens Club as a freshman. Contrary to Wang, Nyaung has long known his passion prior to joining the club. 

“The reason why I joined is to further my love for photography as a photographer myself. I also want to teach what I have already learned in my photography journey,” Nyaung said.  

As officers, Wang and Nyaung communicate with club members via Google Classroom, where announcements and events are posted. Through constant communication amongst members, the club hopes to cultivate the preservation of the community’s memories. 

“Lens Club’s future plans are to give back to our community, whether it’s volunteering for community events, or to create lasting memories for students and DBHS,” Nyaung said. 

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