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Inspiring brahmas through social media

Molding himself into one of the most iconic people at Diamond Bar High School, senior Ryan Giang has sought art and inspiration through fitness and motivational short films, inspiring others along the way. 

Giang, who recently started making professional content over the summer, has garnered over 40,000 views and 4,000 likes throughout the span of his videos, centering his content over physical health, student study habits and financial advice.

His most viral video, where Giang teaches others how to balance school, extracurriculars and physical care, amassed over 20,000 views. It was inspired by none other than his own life and how he navigates his priorities throughout the school year. Other videos produced by Giang includes: 5 Takeaways from the novel, “Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***, 5 Business Systems from the novel, “The Millionaire Fastlane”, and A Day in the Life of a High School Student.

“I’d always share tips with my friends informally through dms and conversations so I wanted to reach a bigger audience,” Giang said. “My target audience is for the people, … mainly towards academic weapons or people who want to become academic weapons [those who are academically inclined].”

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Utilizing software platforms such as CapCut and Google Docs, Giang’s process of drafting a video begins with an initial script on Google Docs, followed by the filming process where he recites his scripts and edits after. Depending on the type of video he’s curating, Giang adds additional captions in for the sake of his audience.

Yet, there’s more to Giang’s content than what meets the eye. Giang seeks inspiration from various other content creators, but oftentimes finds the best inspiration in his personal life and from the people around him. 

“One of my biggest inspirations is Justin Kung because he’s so hardworking, he’s handsome, he’s six foot tall, he has all As and has all fives,” Giang said. “Justin has such a profound impact on my life and like him, I wanna have a profound impact on others.”

Through creating content, Giang hopes to inspire and empower his viewers to become their best selves, just as he aspires to do so in his own life. Believing that knowledge and motivation should be accessible for everyone, he is dedicated to sharing valuable insights and practical advice that he has gathered throughout his high school career in hopes to help individuals unlock their fullest potential inside and outside of school.

“I’m a high schooler doing all these things at once,” Giang said. “This year, I want to blow up so I can reach a bigger audience so I can impact more fellow academic weapons.”

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