The Bull's Eye

Ethan Ro, Asst. Sports Editor

Pronouns: he/him
Years on staff: 2
Birthdate: 2/27/2006
Social Media: @ethan.rro on ig
Life Motto: stop fishing
Unique thing about yourself:im mid
Most trivial hot take:im peak
Favorite superpower: midness
Celebrity crush: ryan (rank zero) kung
Dream job: disciple of ryan kung
Job you would be terrible at: being peak
Favorite movie/show/video game/etc: Kingsman
Favorite artist/genre/song/album: THE WEEKND
Something you're proud of but never get a chance to talk about: achieved rank 0 for 5 minutes before being instantly out shadowed 
Most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you: 
got out shadowed by rank 0 ryan kung


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