The Bull's Eye

Tess Guan

Tess Guan, Web Editor

"most dramatic speaker"


  • Years on Staff: 3
  • Birthdate: 3/25/2000
  • Favorite Color: Gray
  • This year I look forward to: Hopefully a glow up
  • Favorite thing about yourself: My smile (no braces!)
  • Greatest fear: Heights, responsibility, deep water, the color orange, ball pits, hair loss, sweat stains, rips in clothes, the dark, losing a finger, escalators, bad memes
  • Celebrity Crush: John Yarmoski 
  • Movies that made you cry: Emoji Movie 😍😍👌👌😅😤😤💯💯
  • Favorite place to eat: My room
  • Song that cheers you up: Don't listen to music
  • Favorite book: Facebook
  • Life motto: Children first.
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DBHS 1992 Alumna Alvina Ling is currently Editor-in-Chief for Little, Brown Books for Young Readers in Boston.

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