A Look Into Choir’s Competition Season


Calvin Ru

Nicholas Zhou and Crystal Ng sing “All I Ask” by Adele at their choir showcase.

Tess Guan , Asst. Web Editor

With choir festivals and judging approaching, the Diamond Bar High School Choir Department gave audiences a sneak peek of their competition sets. The showcase, held last week, was the only performance this year during which the audience became the judges of the department’s competition set.

On March 4, the Diamond Tones, Solitaire, Marquis, and selected soloists from the program performed at the 2016 Choir Showcase in the theater. The show was divided into four sections, which included solos, duets, and trios, along with several performances by the three choir groups.

To start off the show, Mary Thomas gave an enthusiastic performance of “A Summer in Ohio,” which settled down the audience. Wayland Wang and Robert La Bella then performed an exciting number together in “Ain’t No Love,” their act was followed by three more soloists, and a trio singing “Count on Me.”

After the first soloist section, the Solitaire performed “Keys!” The piece was directed by DBHS choir teacher, Patty Breitag.

The second section began with Larry Chen and Danielle Sy singing “Missing You Like Crazy.” The duet was a huge crowd pleaser, leaving the audience members smiling. In a unique twist, Jenna Duran sang the Spanish song “Tú Sólo Tú.”

After additional solo performances, the trio of Megan Li, Vince Nguyen, and Pauline Yang sang “Riptide” to end the first half of the show.

Transitioning into the second part of the showcase, the Diamond Tones performed five songs, “Twist and Shout,” “Blackbird,” “Imagine,” “Don’t Stop Believin,” and “The House is Rockin.”

The third section began with three soloists, followed by two trios. The crowd enjoyed when Jillian Aluning, Lina Jung, and Chloe Lee harmonized together in their performance of “Warrior.”

Another favorite, Marquis, performed using their competition stage prop, a big wooden elevator decorated with a clock design.The singers dressed as bellhops, complementing the prop.

Ending the showcase, the final section consisted of four soloists and two duets. Kassie Craft and Gabby Thornock brought the showcase to an end with their performance of “I’m Never Gonna Give You Up,” a zealous presentation that had the rest of the choir department joining the duet onstage, cheering and singing along.