Voices of the Internet

Tess Guan, Asst. Web Editor

Despite my love for the radio, I have come to appreciate the simple and easy access of internet podcasts. Podcasts are versatile, great for when you are on the go, or when you don’t feel like watching Netflix. You can listen to them whenever and wherever, or tune in during their weekly or daily schedules. Unlike radio shows, podcasts are based on and revolved around a specific topic, however, they share the same format as radio shows, making them just as enjoyable and entertaining.

For food lovers, I suggest “The Sporkful,” a podcast that revolves around the world of food. Hosted by Dan Pashman, who is also the producer of the web series “You’re Eating It Wrong,” “The Sporkful” is popular among foodies of all ages. “The Sporkful” airs every Monday with topics ranging from recipes for making good sandwiches to foods you should eat in the shower. Interviews with comedians and reviews on exotic foods and famous restaurants all over the world are features as well. Episodes are free and available on the New York Public Radio website and on the iTunes app.

Nothing screams educational more than the podcast “Stuff You Should Know.” Hosted by the writers at HowStuffWorks, Charles (Chuck) Bryant and Josh Clark, the podcast reveals and explains surprising facts about common ideas, clarifies everyday misconceptions and myths, and much more. You can read posts and watch videos about scientific and quotidian topics discussed in episodes on the “Stuff You Should Know” website or tune in every Tuesday and Thursday. Episodes are free and available online and on iTunes. Shows are also currently available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play.

For music lovers searching for hidden and unknown bands and artists, I recommend “All Songs Considered” with Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton. “All Songs Considered” is available online and on iTunes for free and features new music of all genres as well as interviews with new or unsigned musicians, weekly. “All Songs Considered” has a music channel, called “All Songs 24/7,” which plays a continuous mix of every song played on “All Songs Considered.” Listen to old favorites, modern soundtracks, and exclusive recordings from live concerts on the NPR music app found in the Google Play and app store.

“Just Vocabulary” is a quick and simple method for developing, improving, and increasing your knowledge and vocabulary for the SAT. “Just Vocabulary” is a daily weekday podcast, hosted by Jan Folmer, which introduces two English words each episode. Words are explained with synonyms and antonyms and used in three to five sentences, with no unnecessary chitchat. On Saturdays, Folmer reviews the past week’s vocabulary words. Episodes are short, about four or five minutes, making this podcast a very efficient learning tool.