Freshman has boxing in blood

Freshman Farid Mendoza was introduced to the intense sport at a young age.


Tess Guan, Asst. Web Editor

Following an older sibling’s footsteps is never easy. However, for Diamond Bar High School freshman Farid Mendoza, taking after his brother allowed for the discovery of an intense and physical hobby that he now loves: boxing.

Although he was initially introduced to boxing by his father at age four, Mendoza said that it was his brother who inspired him to continue after his initial dislike.

“My dad wasn’t a boxer, but he wanted to be,” Mendoza said. “At first, when I was like eight years old, I didn’t like it. I didn’t want to go, but it wasn’t my choice.”

Mendoza’s brother, Fernando Mendoza, who is currently Mendoza’s boxing and training coach, is a professional boxer.  

“He’s been training for 15 years. He’s 21 right now, and he’s a lot better than me. He won about five gold medals when he was 16, I’m 15 right now and I only have two,” Farid said.

The freshman Brahma has competed in numerous boxing competitions, including a recent one in Monterrey, Mexico, at which he won first place. He was chosen by Mexico to be a participant and had already won two gold medals prior to this event.

“In the first round I was like, ‘this guy is bigger than me, this guy is tougher, and this guy is from Cuba,’ but I beat him, 1-2 ” Mendoza said when talking about the Open of Nuevo León event.

Despite his success in the sport, Mendoza has had to deal with the many injuries that come with being a boxer.

“My biggest accomplishment was being selected for Evaluación para Mundial Juvenil, a global competition, but I couldn’t go because I dislocated my shoulder,” Mendoza said, “I was angry and I was hitting the punching bag, and I dislocated my shoulder. I was so mad and frustrated.”

Mendoza also commonly suffers from knee problems after his practices, which prevents him from competing in further competitions and training as much as he would like to.

Furthermore, since Mendoza moved from Mexico, where he was born and raised, to California six months ago, his unfamiliarity with English and the schooling system has hampered with his training and practices. He has suspended his intensive gym training due to his knee problems and is now concentrating more on his schoolwork. However, regardless of his injuries, he is slowly and gradually starting his training again, while waiting for his knees to heal completely.

“I’m getting back on the road again because I have a fight during spring break. So I have to train harder, this is going to be as tough as the last one,” he said.