Results for Freshman Officers

Tess Guan, Contributing Writer

The beginning of the school year signals the rise of new leaders from Diamond Bar High School’s newest class of 2018. With 18 students running for five positions, the freshman class officer election proved to be a tough competition. On Sept. 11, freshmen voted for their new class officers: Hampton Douglas, Renee Yam, Steven Liang, Clarissa Hui, and Christian Park.

Hampton Douglas became president after winning over the freshmen voters with statements about his inspiration. This is not his first election, as he also previously served as president in middle school.

“I ran for president because I wanted to see change happen through the eyes of a leader and have the change to lead my class through the path of action and change,” Douglas said.

“Young and Motivated” was Renee Yam’s slogan and major component in her success in becoming vice president. Yam created a Facebook page called “Renee Yam for VP of Class 2018” to encourage others to vote for and know more about her.

“I wanted to not only be part of the class members but also be on a team to plan for all the fun events. I feel that being the Class VP will give me that opportunity. I hope to create class projects so that we can make donations toward needed charities and make a difference as a class,” Yam said.

As secretary and treasurer, Steven Liang believes that he will have a difficult task in keeping up with both positions. He also has former experiences serving as treasurer in middle school. After the stress competing against five other students, Liang is relieved that the election is over and he has achieved his goal.

“Honestly, I just felt it was important to be involved in school activities… plus it looks good on college applications,” he said.

Clarissa Hui demonstrated her excitement and passion for being historian by putting up flyers and posters.

“I’ve always had a passion when it came to photography and the fact that I could use this opportunity to improve as a photographer, and a leader for my classmates provided a huge motivation while I was running and campaigning for this position,” she said.

Hui has high hopes in helping out the Class of 2018. “Some goals I have for the freshman class is to have a successful year where it is participating in fundraising, rallies, school events, and being a more organized whole through our four years at Diamond Bar,” Hui said.

Christian Park, who had no competition, became social chairperson. He is extremely grateful he won this position.

“I’ll try my best to provide opportunities for other students to participate and interact with one another,” Park said.