Fairytale evening in City of Angels


Photo Courtesy of EMPTYVASE.COM

The venue for this year’s annual dance will be the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, a facility constructed by film star Charlie Chaplin over a century ago.

Tess Guan, Web Editor

On the night of April 28, time will stand still for students attending prom as they escape into a fantasy world inspired by the magic of Neverland.

Presented by the class of 2019, this year’s “Finding Neverland” themed dance takes inspiration from  the mythical location.

Appropriately, the dance will be held at a location where the importance of imagination has ruled for many years,  the Jim Henson Studios in Hollywood, the home of “The Muppets” universe.  

This year, math teachers Shari De Cambra and Isabella Chiang, as well as Pathways teacher Eleanor Boruah, are helping as advisors for the prom committee.

The theme was originally suggested by De Cambra before being ultimately chosen by prom and class committee members of the class of 2019.

“What really stood out about the theme was the idea of ‘never growing up’ and a place where ‘time stops’,” junior class president Megan Young said.

The broad flexibility and range of ideas associated with “Finding Neverland” made the theme ideal for various decorations and activities the committee has planned.

Originally, there was concern that the theme, which links to childhood characters such as Tinkerbell and Peter Pan, would be too childish, and therefore, the committee decided against choosing Peter Pan as their theme for this year’s event.

“We didn’t want people to think of cartoon Peter Pan, but something more classy like the actual movies of Peter Pan [in] 2003 or “Pan” [in] 2015, or even the play ‘Finding Neverland,’” Young said.

The committee has planned three lunchtime activities for the week leading up to prom.

The first three days will include prom court events and games, and Thursday will be the prom court luncheon.

Inspired by last year’s key hunt, the committee has also planned a treasure hunt giveaway.

To fund for the upcoming activities and decoration, the group sold pies and sponsored a blood drive event.

Tickets are $90 with an activities card and $95 without during pre-sale through April 9 to April 13, and will be $100 with an activities card and $105 without during regular sale from April 16 through April 24.