Operating behind the scenes


Eric Hong

Joanne Taylor (left) and Elsie Garcia (right) work to improve student’s high school experiences by organizing events and issuing minor infractions.

Tess Guan, Asst. Web Editor

Despite working behind the scenes in the administration office, Joanne Taylor and Elsie Garcia are still able to keep a connection to Diamond Bar High School students.

As secretaries and office assistants, the pair assist the guidance level counselors, Assistant Principal John Terry, and other staff members working in the front office.

Unlike the GLC’s, Garcia and Taylor issue minor referrals, such as those for tardiness or cell phone usages but often consult with the GLC’s to consider additional punishment in some situations. They also handle student detentions and SWAPS.

“The very best part of my job is working with the students. I get to watch students come in as freshmen, just out of middle school and not quite sure what high school is all about. Then four years later, [to] say goodbye to young adults starting to plan their future,” Taylor said. “You guys can always seem to make us laugh when we may not be having the best day.”

Taylor, the school’s GLC secretary, has been working in the DBHS attendance office with Garcia for 19 years.

She is in charge of organizing the senior reserved parking lot, and the All School Awards Night. Along with GLC Dave Desmond, she is also responsible for running the PSAT at DBHS.

Furthermore, she’s in charge of the course description booklet, pre-registration, and summer registration packets.

“I really feel blessed to have landed at Diamond Bar High School as the GLC Secretary. DBHS is a very special place, not only for students, but for staff too. Many of the staff members are like family to me,” she said.

Prior to working at DBHS, Taylor served as a principal’s secretary at an elementary school in the Alhambra school district. After 17 years of working there, she decided that her job was not convenient for her, and switched to work for Walnut Valley Unified District.

“I really loved my job, but the commute was getting to be too much. My son, who is now 31, went to Suzanne and Walnut High School, and I wanted to be home for him,” Taylor said. “I knew that WVUSD was one of the best districts around, so I started watching for openings,” she explained.

Similarly, Garcia also finds working with students as the highlight of her job.

“The satisfaction of seeing students who are having problems adjusting in their classrooms, and helping them know we are there to nurture them for their graduation day; it’s the gratitude they express to you,” Garcia said, referring to her favorite moments working with students.

Garcia has been working at DBHS’s guidance office for 20 years. As the school’s office assistant, she handles situations that don’t require special attention from a student’s GLC.

Her job consists of issuing minor infractions, such as detentions and STAR’s.

“I love working with students at this age. I enjoy interacting with students, kidding around and teasing them when they’re down, and seeing them smile when they leave our office,” Garcia said.