The Bull's Eye

Vash Chen

Vash Chen, Asst. Photo Editor

  • Pronouns: she/they
  • Years on Staff: 1
  • Birthdate: 7/26/05
  • Social Media: @vash_imperial
  • Life Motto: call me John because I've Cena enough
  • Unique thing about yourself: I can play 13 instruments.
  • Animal form: fox
  • Weirdest thing you believed as a kid: that Gouda cheese was made from snail milk.
  • Infinite supply of: money
  • Celebrity Crush: Yuichi Nakamura
  • Dream Job: Anime voice actor
  • A job you would be terrible at: Cooking...for obvious reasons.
  • Binge-worthy TV Show/Movie: Movie: The Grand Budapest Hotel. TV Show: Food Wars!
  • Favorite Artist: Arctic Monkeys
  • Most embarrassing thing to have ever happened to you: I wore my jeans backwards once in 5th grade.
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