USB announces new members for upcoming year

As first semester comes to a close, Diamond Bar High School’s United Student Body has selected its new members.

The 2021-2022 USB e-board and activities director, Janna Van Horn, will collaborate to assign these students roles. Together, the new individuals and the e-board will work with Van Horn to organize rallies, dances, fundraisers and other major school events.

Among the 34 new USB representatives, sophomores Melody Gao, Emily Lee and Isabella Lee hope to create a more welcoming and fun atmosphere for DBHS students.

“I wanted to join USB to not only help students and make improvements to the school, but also to represent DBHS and be a good example for students,” Gao said via text. “I want to be seen as a leader who is reliable and responsible [and who] can help out any student in need, no matter what time and day.”

One of Gao’s goals is to ensure students enjoy participating in school events like spirit weeks and increase school spirit overall.

“Some goals that I have are to make many fun spirit days so students can look forward to dressing up while showing school spirit,” she said.

Aside from campus-wide events, Gao also anticipates expanding DBHS merchandise. She believes that selling new items like backpack accessories and supplies can get students interested in school activities as well as raise more money for USB.

A main area of concern the new members share is increasing student involvement. To execute these goals, they will be assigned to various commissioner positions where they can exercise their best skills to plan out major school events and activities.

“I wanted to join USB because I really like the idea of being able to help my peers in ways that would bring joy,” Isabella Lee said via text. “If I get the position of commissioner of the performing arts, I hope to be able to host events dedicated to the performing arts groups in order to boost their hype.”

Aside from improving the rallies, concerts and musicals that the performing arts participate in, Lee also said she wants to help create more opportunities for this group to show off their talents. 

“I would also like to create events dedicated to performing arts, so maybe a game planned out with the performing arts groups taking place in the quad or maybe an event over Instagram where if they tag USB they get featured on the story,” Lee said.

Emily Lee, who applied for the position of commissioner of hospitality, wants to be more involved in school events; She said she plans to use her outgoing personality and wide range of connections to create a more welcoming environment on campus.

“I wanted to be more involved with the school which is why I joined USB. I want to make an impact on this school and make it a more spirited place, as in more participation and overall more energy [in the school],” she said via text. “I want to make people want to come to school events.”