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Sarah Markiewicz

Sarah Markiewicz, Asst. Opinion Editor

  • Birthday: March 28, 1998
  • Years on Staff: 2
  • Favorite Color: Aquamarine
  • Favorite Book: Harry Potter series
  • Favorite Subject: History
  • Dream Job: Still thinking about it
  • Favorite Movie: Lion King, A Clockwork Orange
  • Currently Watching: SAT videos :(
  • Music of Choice: 80's
  • This year I look forward to: Being more busy
  • Favorite Food: Mac n'cheese
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Hometown physician

Hometown physician

April 13, 2016

Stress is not a stigma

February 24, 2016

Star Wars

December 18, 2015
On the Columbia undergraduate admissions website, students can see the criteria the university has for its holistic admissions.

Holistic Admissions

June 30, 2015
Officers (left to right) Rachel Jo, Priscilla Suen, and Yong Choi, attend a football game to promote animal welfare.

Club Corner: Paws

March 25, 2015
Graphic created by Katlyn Lee

The New Fume

February 26, 2015

No Props to Prop 47

December 4, 2014
Ryan Seacrest honors Steve Acciani at the event.

Ryan Seacrest visits DB

November 18, 2014

PRO: The Pious Bias

October 8, 2014
The Buzz: Left Behind

The Buzz: Left Behind

October 8, 2014

CON: STEM vs. Humanities

September 10, 2014
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