Longtime district superintendent Brown dies

Sarah Markiewicz, Staff Writer

When superintendent David L. Brown retired from his position in 1991, he left this position at Walnut Valley Unified School District with twice as many students and several new schools. Brown, who spent almost 20 years as the head of WVUSD, died on March 13.

When Brown began at Walnut in 1972, one decade before Diamond Bar High School was built, the district was still newly formed. Under Brown, a local school undertook a new mission of serving as an education center for struggling students, previously called Del Paso High School, but now known as Ron Hockwalt Academies.

In 1982, 1,100 students from the overflowing Walnut High School were relocated to Diamond Bar High School. Brown said at the time that “DBHS [was] the only known opening of a comprehensive high school.”

During his years as superintendent, the student population of the district went from 5,000 to 12,000. The district offices are located in the Dr. David L. Brown Educational Center, which was named in his honor.

Brown’s wife, Lenore Brown, died in the month preceding his death. He is survived by his son Russ Brown and his daughter-in-law Judy Brown. The funeral for the superintendent took place on March 25 at Fremont Presbyterian Church in Sacramento.