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Girls Tennis Determined to Make a Comeback Season

The Diamond Bar girls tennis team is stepping back onto the court, ready to take their first serve toward a comeback season.

The team’s first game was on Aug. 24, where they lost to one of their toughest preseason rivals, Ayala High School, in a brutal 6-12 game. However, reflecting back on their match, the team is confident that they can come back from their crushing defeat. 

“I don’t think Ayala [had] more talent or skill than us,” head coach Sergio Navarro said. “I think they were just better prepared.” 

Due to the heat, the team was unable to host summer training sessions, ultimately  starting their season late. 

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However, after resuming a regular practice schedule, the players gained a new form of determination and confidence. With Navarro’s guidance in improving the team’s technique, strategy and the team’s competitive spirit, they remain hopeful for the upcoming season. 

“I’m expecting more rivalry with other schools,” senior Errin Cho said. “But otherwise, I’m feeling very confident in our team and I’ll try my best to make sure Diamond Bar gets the win.” 

The team’s new found confidence and preparation displayed itself during their match against Chino High, where they secured a 15-3 victory—their first win of the season. 

With a 1-2 record, the team’s next game will be against Chino Hills High School on Sept 12 at 3:30pm. 

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