TikTok trends during quarantine

Restricted students have been taking advantage of their time at home by participating in trends promoted on the app TikTok. Users have been showing multiple ideas to keep teens occupied including recipes and workout routines.

Whipped Coffee

One of the biggest trends has been making dalgona coffee. The thick recipe calls for two tablespoons of each ingredient: warm water, instant coffee and sugar. Once the ingredients are in a bowl, they are whisked together until a thick and creamy consistency is reached. The coffee mixture is then served over iced milk and is both sweet and rich.


Although Tiktok’s users have been the innovators of many dance trends even before the pandemic, some professional dancers, including Mackenzie Ziegler, have recently begun making short dance tutorials on the platform, teaching the routines step by step. Some of the most popular songs to dance to are “Say So” by Doja Cat, “Get Up” by Ciara and “Supalonley” by BENNE.

At-Home Workouts

With gyms closed down, many fitness experts on the app have been posting workout routines. Most of them don’t require any gym equipment and you can look up workouts to focus on any part of your body, such as arms or abs.


Some teens are using this time to give themselves a brand new look. Many have turned to cutting their bangs or dying their hair bright colors such as red and electric blue. Another hair trend has been only dying the front strands of hair or only dying half the head, split at the hairline.

Themed Dinners

Many users are posting themed family dinner ideas that can be used as a special event to look forward to. Some of the dinner themes that are the most popular include sports, Disney and formal, where they dress up according to each theme.