Collecting wins for their trophy case

With a strong showing in the season so far, boys golf is on the correct path to clearing it course to another strong CIF showing. 

“We played quite a few different teams, and we’re showing that we’re right on schedule,” head coach Tony McCabe said.

With the addition of young players such as freshmen Hogan Park and Henry Yang, the already dominant Diamond Bar team reinforces its lineup with strong and talented underclassmen. 

“We have some good returners and we got some really good freshmen…really good scores from our golf scores from both guys. That is really promising,” McCabe said.

In its most recent tournament win, the Linfield Tournament, Park and Yang both tied for first shooting a 72 in the Cross Creek Course, a 71 par layout. Though both freshmen played well, Park and Yang officially received 2nd and 3rd respectively due to losing in a card off. 

However, the Linfield Tournament was not the only tournament that the freshmen performed well in. The boys took their first tournament win in the Glendora tournament,  where Yang shot 74 to give him second place in individuals. Also, senior captain Ethan Thomas followed suit and shot 74 as well. Even though the boys took home both tournaments for two consecutive years, they have shown improvement on the course.

“We need to do better than last year to step to the next level, and it looks like so far, we are there,” McCabe said. “ We want to make state this year. We have the team that can do it and we are headed in that direction.”

Since the Brahmas have been consistently outperforming their league competition, McCabe has put more emphasis on the CIF playoffs. This year, Diamond Bar’s Golf Course has been added to the CIF pool of courses, giving the Brahmas home-court advantage if they find a spot in the correct CIF division. Also, some of the returning players have been steadily improving in the season. 

“We are doing different things…Our guys help them [other league competitors]. So we’ve been doing a lot of that and it does help you to become a better golfer,” McCabe said. “We are already in playoff mode…We are looking at state finals, state semis, and CIF finals courses and how to get ready for those.”

With a 2-0 record in league thus far, the Brahmas feel that they are the most promising candidate to take state finals. 

“We know how to prepare for matches. It depends [on] how you do it…You’ve got to plan for it, you’ve got to prepare for it and hope to get there,” McCabe said.