Student Spotlight: Alyssa Gore

Dancer and actress Alyssa Gore has a Sia music video and Grammy commercial on her resume.

Christina Liu , Staff writer


Since her first job in a Skechers commercial in the sixth grade, Diamond Bar High School freshman Alyssa Gore’s passion for entertainment has driven her to continue to act in commercials, short films and videos.

Gore first started dancing at the age of two because she wanted to spend time with her friend, who was taking dance classes.

Sixth grade was the turning point for Gore, as she began to win roles in commercials. Gore said that the most consuming part of auditioning for roles is waiting to see whether or not they want her for the job.

Gore’s first part was in a Sketchers commercial featuring their iconic Twinkle Toe shoes.

“Skechers will always be memorable because it was my first job, it was also a great experience because it was so fun,” Gore said. “From my first experience in sixth grade, I learned from experience how to behave and respect others on set.”

Since then, Gore has continued to act in a number of commercials. Her more notable jobs include dancing in a Sia’s music video, in which Gore was chosen along with 48 other kids to perform in remembrance of the deaths of the Orlando shooting. She has also acted in the Grammy commercial “It was You” as a young woman aspiring to be a conductor.

When she isn’t auditioning for new roles, Gore practices four days a week at the Talent Factory Studio in Chino Hills.

At the studio, Gore works on her choreography for multiple national and regional dance competitions. Besides taking part in the Talent Factory, Gore spends her time in Girls Scouts and on campus activities such as band and Song.

“Yes, I am stressed sometimes and I lack sleep but it’s something I want to do,” Gore said.

With all these activities, Gore dedicates her time at home to finishing school work. When Gore knows that she has an upcoming audition or rehearsal that interferes with school hours, she tries to get her homework done ahead of time.

She also spends her free time practicing for different auditions, and working on the choreography for her studio.

Although currently Gore has no show business plans beyond high school, she is hoping to be a regular in a television show by the end of this year.