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Eye of the Editors: Eliminate Flyers

With electronic display outlets available on campus, DBHS should start cutting down on paper waste.

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When the electronic kiosks first came to Diamond Bar High School, it seemed that the school would be paving the way for glittering new technology that would do away with the archaic and eco-destructive practice of putting up flyers. However, given that hanging flyers is still a prevalent practice on campus, it is obvious that expectations did not meet reality. It’s time to put an end to it.

One can’t walk from one side of the school to the other without seeing the work of the school’s various clubs or hopeful candidates adorning nearly every pillar. As a result, the electronic kiosks have only a few advertisements to display, with nearly every other message being a promotion for some campus group’s achievements or something else that is not of immediate concern to the student body.

Now that the kiosks have been put in place, the clubs of the school should be utilizing it rather than putting members to the task of printing and placing flyers around the school.

Although the amount of trash that was produced by the flyers is not as bad as it used to be, the flyers are still a sore sight and should be banned by the school. Administrators should make it part of the school rules that any club or organization that posts flyers should be fined.

Generally, the owners of the flyers are not entirely at fault for continuing to use them, despite having other information outlets. The kiosks, although rather big and flashy, are not exactly in the best locations, and could benefit from being placed in areas where students are more  likely  to  stand  around, such as in the lunch areas.

The students would also have more viewing access if there could be more kiosks. Having only two in competition with scores of flyers does not give the kiosks much power.

If the school’s various organizations were to work with the kiosks that people put so much planning and work into last year, then they can feel better about themselves for doing their part in saving paper and keeping the   school’s waste to a minimum.

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DBHS Student Publication.
Eye of the Editors: Eliminate Flyers