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Whether you’re a senior or freshman, it’s pretty obvious that the same lunch selection that we, as students, are given every day can be quite gross, but ease your worries! We’ve gathered some of the wackiest and yummiest combinations of school lunches in hopes of helping you excite your taste buds once again. Try one of these crazy concoctions and tell us which one is your favorite.

Yogurt and Muffin Medley: Fruit yogurt is a healthy option to choose during lunch, but it may sometimes taste too bland. Try adding crushed chocolate muffin bits into your yogurt to kick it up a notch! Why not take the option of having both your dessert and fruit simultaneously, rather than that boring cup of yogurt alone?

Pizookie: Are you a Pizookie fan? You can make your own school-made Pizookie and appease your sweet tooth! Simply buy one soft chocolate chip cookie and a vanilla ice cream cup with a chocolate swirl. Put the whole cup of vanilla ice cream onto your cookie and Bon Appétit!, you’ve created your school-made Pizookie in a mere five seconds!

Chicken and Tater Tots Sandwich: For some people, a small, one-layered chicken sandwich isn’t going to cut it, and sometimes we just need some extra fillings to satisfy our hunger. Well, that is where our tater tots come in. Simply stuff your sandwich with some tots and the meal is ready. This new recipe won’t leave you asking for seconds!

Ranch and Pizza: We all know ranch goes great with salads, perhaps even with tater tots, but who would have thought that dipping pizza in ranch is a common combination. If you are feeling spontaneous, give it a try. You may just end up loving this odd mix.

Ice Cream Dipped French Fries: Can’t get enough of ice cream? Always craving french fries? Well, why not try dipping your wavy fries into the ice cream? Whether you prefer vanilla or chocolate flavored ice cream, this sweet and salty blend is a treat for those who are tired of the limited lunch choices.