Night in Shining Armor


Aside from seeing old friends and meeting new teachers, Homecoming is one of the most anticipated events of coming back to school. As tickets are put on sale, students bring out their paintbrushes and put their creative minds to test by planning out the perfect way to ask their potential date to the Shadow Showdown.

The classic homecoming asking was seen on campus with junior Will Zhu. As Will waited to ask his date with balloons, flowers, and a sign, an eager crowd began to form around him to watch the sweet surprise. When junior Justine Skaar finally arrived, the crowd jumped to their feet with applause as the pair embraced.

Junior Raven Lin surprised her Mustang boyfriend, Rax Wang with an unusual asking. Because she was a Brahma and he was a Mustang, she felt that she should ask him to a Diamond Bar Homecoming. The couple went with a few other friends to Farrel’s where the workers began to ring a bell and sing to the unsuspecting Mustang. They then presented him with a homemade card which read “Be my date to..?” and set down a platter of ice cream in front of him with the letters “HC?” on top.

Senior Austin Kong planned to do something off campus and surprise senior May Ting at her house instead. With the help of one of May’s friends, Austin was able to catch May when she least expected it. Her friend lured her outside by asking for help to carry something into the house. When May stepped out of the house, she saw Austin with flowers and a poster. She screamed at first from the surprise and once she calmed down from the excitement, she happily agreed to be his date.

All the effort put into homecoming proposals will be sure to pay off with an exciting night at the X Nightclub!