A Terrifying Tutorial

Check out this creepy, step-by-step tutorial to make it look as if someone’s gouged out your eye. You’ll look terrifyingly horrifying. And the best part is that it’s almost supernaturally easy.

*Note: Don’t worry too much about making things perfect. It will look weird and messy and unrealistic at first. Don’t worry!  The fake blood will pull everything together. 

1. Before using liquid latex for the first time, ALWAYS spot check by putting a small amount on your arm to check for any skin reaction.

2. Layer moisturizer over the face to protect the skin.

3. Taking a glue stick, glue down your eyebrow. This will prevent the latex from sticking to the hairs .

4. Using a brush or sponge, paint the liquid latex on in a circle around your eye.

5. Using single ply toilet paper that has little to no patterning, place it on the wet, liquid latex.

6. Glue down the edges and repeat step four and five until you have   three to four layers.

7. Then, paint a light layer of latex on top of the toilet paper covering. Then, start layering more toilet paper—putting a layer of liquid latex between each sheet.

8. Start making the pieces of toilet paper smaller so that you can put more toilet paper in the middle, right on top of your eye. It will help the edges blend into the skin.

9. Wait for the liquid latex to dry. Then, take a loose powder and set the toilet paper .

10. Take a foundation that matches your skin color and blend the edges into your face.

11. Then, take a MATTE black eye shadow and place it right where the eye should be to create depth.

12. Then, take a MATTE, dark brown eye shadow and put it around the edges of the black.

13. Then, take a bright red cream (you can also use lipstick) and place it on top of the black.

14. Take a bright red cream and a lighter pink one and place the two colors around the eye socket to make the skin look irritated.

15. Take purple and green cream (or purple and green eye shadow) and put it around the edges of the toilet paper. Blend the purple both in and out to make the skin look bruised and to mask the edge of the toilet paper.

18. Take a sponge and  soak the eye socket in fake blood.  Then start bringing the blood down and around the socket to make it look as though blood gushed out.

19. Then use the blood to mask the edges of the toilet paper or anywhere that the toilet paper looks too obvious.

21. Feel free to jazz up the rest of your makeup to look even spookier.