A Q&A with Jason Lin

A Q&A with Jason Lin

As the class of 2012 seniors graduate and leave behind all their high school memories, they also leave a deficit of talent at Diamond Bar High School. Luckily, the new incoming DBHS freshman students have proved that they can more than make up for it. One such freshman is Jason Lin who performed alongside the dance crew Miniotics on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew. He has impressed many students as well as various dance teams with his astounding moves.  The Bull’s Eye was able to get his personal take on dancing, school, and more!

The Bull’s Eye: How many years have you been dancing?

Jason: I’ve been dancing for nine years now. I started when I was five years old.

BE: What got you into dancing, and who motivates you?

J: My sister is the person who motivates me and the person who got me into dancing. I used to watch her dance. And one day when I got bored, I tried it out.

BE: How did you get into America’s Best Dance Crew?

J: One of the finalists of the Miniotics team couldn’t make it, so the team asked if I was able to perform. I was nervous yet happy to be able to dance for the show.

BE: Did everyone know that you were on the show at school?

J: Yeah, since everyone watches that show at my middle school, they all noticed I was on it.

BE: What were the reactions of your family and friends when you were on TV?

J: They thought it was really cool. All my friends gave me phone calls after saying they saw me on TV. It was really nice because since the show aired in the summer I was able hang out with my friends who I separated from after graduating from Suzanne Middle School. It was nice to meet up and get back in touch with them.

BE: Have you been in any other dance contests?

J: I’ve been competing since I was seven years old. I competed in competitions for solos and others. Then when I was about nine or ten years old, I started joining dance crews. I joined a lot of different dance crews like Marvels Dance Company, Miniotics Dance Crew, and GRaVy Babies which is GRV’s Junior Crew.

BE: What dance teams are you currently in?

J: Right now, I’m on the Dance Team and the All Male Dance Crew for our school. I started out with Marvels Dance Company, but I’m only in GRaVy Babies and Miniotics Dance Crew now.

BE: Do you choreograph your own dances?

J: I actually do! I once choreographed a part of the dance for Marvels Dance Company’s Marvels World to Dance in 2011.

BE: Besides dancing, what other sports are you in?

J: I used to play basketball, soccer, and swim, but I had to quit because of my busy dance schedule. As a hobby, I enjoy playing basketball. My favorite teams are the Los Angeles Clippers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

BE: Since you’re now a freshman, how is school?

J: School is actually fun! Everyone told me there would be a lot of homework, but so far, I don’t think there is that big of a load. I just hope the homework won’t increase!

BE: What is your number one goal in life and in school?

J: My goal for school is to succeed. My goal in life is to become an engineer. When I grow older, I want to dance as a hobby.

BE: What are you most excited about for high school?

 J: I’m excited to meet new people since I don’t know a lot of people because I came from Suzanne Middle School.

BE: What do you do in your free time?

J: Well, I rarely have any free time because I’m always dancing and doing homework, but whenever I have free time, I enjoy playing video games.

BE:  If you didn’t start dancing a long time ago, what would you have done?

J: I would have done soccer. I started soccer around the time I started dancing, but I had to quit soccer because of my dance schedule.