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A Moderate Compromise

Vera Wang, Staff Writer
September 19, 2020

With Election Day less than two months away, many American voters continue to remain on the fence about both candidates. While Democratic nominee Joe Biden holds a lead in the polls over President Donald...

New distance learning schedule yields excessive break time

New distance learning schedule yields excessive break time

Anika Yatawara, News Editor
September 12, 2020

To limit students’ screen time during distance learning, Diamond Bar High School has readjusted its bell schedule, making classes significantly shorter. In addition to this alteration, there’s a new...

The Notorious CMC: Trump wrongs voters’ rights

The Notorious CMC: Trump wrongs voters’ rights

Camille McCurry, Editor-In-Chief
September 10, 2020

Every month it seems like the headlines announce a new attack on American democracy—voter fraud, election interference, the list goes on. However, the most recent assaults come from an unlikely source:...

Injustice for WVUSD

Camille McCurry, Editor-In-Chief
August 10, 2020

In a world plagued with racism, sexism and discrimination, it’s important that we, as individuals, hold one another accountable for our words and actions. Following the Black Lives Matter movement...

Reckless decision of student visas

Reyna Wan, Opinion Editor
August 5, 2020

In response to major colleges and universities electing to hold mostly online classes,  the Trump Administration proposed a policy that would have barred hundreds of thousands of international students...

Eye of the Editors: Schools are unprepared to reopen

August 3, 2020

As the start of school approaches, Diamond Bar High School students are preparing themselves for yet another month or more of distance learning. This news upset a majority of students as learning online ...

Why We Need Masks

Rachel Lee, Asst. Opinion Editor
July 31, 2020

  With over 4 million cases and counting, the United States is now the biggest coronavirus hotspot in the world, yet almost half of the states still lack statewide mask mandates.  This is partially...

Eye of the Editors: Distance Learning needs to change

June 15, 2020

When it was announced that Diamond Bar High School was going to participate in distance-learning, students had mixed emotions. After three months of  this program, it is  clear that this method needs...

Con: Social Media Movement was a Misfire

Rachel Lee, Asst. Opinion Editor
June 14, 2020

On the morning of June 2, Instagram users searching for information related to the Black Lives Matter movement were greeted by a flood of black squares.  This movement, dubbed Blackout Tuesday, was...

Pro: The true meaning behind the movement

Reyna Wan, Opinion Editor
June 14, 2020

What started off as two marketing representatives hoping to initiate a conversation on black oppression in the music industry, quickly evolved into a social media campaign that further proved the unity...

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