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Affirmative action must be redacted

Taylor Joe, Contributing Writer
December 16, 2020

 Though most elite colleges require high standardized test scores, a new law would provide a different standard for those of lower socioeconomic status. Affirmative action may sound appealing to low-income...

Early prediction on Bidens foreign policy

Early prediction on Biden’s foreign policy

Josh Chou, Editor-In-Chief
December 15, 2020

Following the Trump administration’s “America First” policies that tested U.S. relations with its allies and led many countries in Asia to deepen their ties with China, the international community...

Why the United States needs a lockdown

Why the United States needs a lockdown

Jianlan Busteed, Contributing Writer
December 9, 2020

With more coronavirus cases and deaths every day, the United States has become a COVID-19 hotspot in recent months due to conflicting messages and half-hearted measures from the government at all levels....

Unsolicited privacy boundaries for digital learning

Unsolicited privacy boundaries for digital learning

Rachel Lee, Asst. Opinion Editor
December 4, 2020

The landscape of digital privacy has always been a difficult one to navigate, as information on the web is easily accessible, manipulatable and, most importantly, permanent. Yet it must be said that privacy...

New accounts facilitate bullying

New accounts facilitate bullying

Edward Kim, Staff Writer
November 12, 2020

Influenced by the popular Facebook confession group, Diamond Bar High School “confession pages” are starting to appear on Instagram, featuring  confessions anonymously  posted. The problem with these...

Con: Practicing online is enough

Natasha Chang, Asst. A&E Editor
November 12, 2020

After months of delay, the implementation of rules for in-person learning have finally begun.  Los Angeles County Department of Public Health has approved a staged approach for schools in the area to...

Pro: Returning can foster in-person relationships

Kelsey Wu, Asst. Feature Editor
November 12, 2020

While many school districts in Southern California have already begun reopening schools and bringing students back into classrooms, Diamond Bar High School is taking a moderate approach and only permitting...

Sedentarily Satirical: Isolation from health

Connor Cho, Asst. Business Manager
November 12, 2020

Life has just been so tough lately, especially with quarantine requiring us to stay at home. Staying in this lockdown and being isolated from the outside world for the past few months has really changed...

Eye of the Editors: Tutorial needs to be utilized better

November 12, 2020

With forty minute classes, it’s no surprise that Diamond Bar High School implemented an extra period, known as tutorial, for students to meet with teachers after class as part of their virtual learning...

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