Welcoming new leadership


The swim season has started with the coming of the second semester, and along with it are the practices and meets surrounding the aquatic sport.
Following the resignation of former head coach Melanie Gonzalez, Monique Tahauri and her daughter are stepping up on the block to help the Diamond Bar High School swim team dive into the new season.
As a swimmer, Tahauri has held multiple titles at the national level and won the CIF championships in her high school years.
However, as a coach with over 40 years of experience, Tahauri has trained all kinds of swimmers to success.
From toddlers to professional triathletes, she has sent several of her athletes to world class competitions including the Olympics and Paralympics.
“As a swimmer, I loved winning, but I have learned many more valuable lessons from races I didn’t win,” Tahauri said. “I believe that everyone can and should learn to swim to the best of their ability. It’s one of the few sports where being competent can save your life.”
Though Tahauri is relatively new to DBHS, some of her Brahma athletes are not so unfamiliar to her.
As Head Coach and CEO of Chino Hills Aquatics, many of DBHS’s swimmers have trained in the swim club.
“I’m excited to return to high school coaching where the pace and opportunities are different from year round club swimming,” Tahauri said. “In high school swimming, a new team member can ‘test the waters’ and fall in love with the sport, while season club swimmers can enjoy the fun, excitement, and camaraderie unique to high school athletics.”
Based on the quality of earlier tryouts and team practices, as well as the conditions of the swimmers themselves, both Tahauri and the swim team are optimistic about this season.
“We have quite a few [athletes] that are already competing at the high club level. I’m also extremely excited about our up-and-coming JV swimmers who are showing tremendous potential,” Tahauri said. “They have been showing tremendous growth in just a few weeks and are getting stronger day by day. We have no weak links on our team, and it definitely shows.”
Tahauri aims to keep building her swimmers’ physical endurance and speed by creating a standard for commitment and hard work, combined with team building and fun.
By setting the bar high at the start of the season, she plans on using this to encourage and help the team grow enough to take home the swim league title.