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Canteen Commentary

The WVUSD nutritional services recently revamped their food distribution, opting for a faster and more efficient means of service. Diamond Bar High School’s cafeteria now offers a greater variety of meals on their menu, providing students with a diverse cuisine factoring in health, flavor and individuality. If you like what you’re eating, you have something to look forward to—and if you don’t, the daily alternatives provide many options.

  1.     Chicken Wrap: 8/10

Assembling a load of lettuce, strips of chicken and succulent sauces inside of a tortilla, DBHS’ filling chicken wraps are possibly the greatest course within the school’s menu; although, their spicy chicken counterpart is a close second. While the outside tortilla makes the wrap seem unappealing, a single bite incorporates all the inner ingredients simultaneously to blend into the cooks’ intended flavor. The sauce mixed in with the lettuce and chicken give the teeth a refreshing and soft ‘sink-in feeling’, allowing wrap enjoyers to savor the taste slowly.

  1.     Yogurt Cup: 6/10

Contrary to its appearance, the school’s parfaits are quite filling and can be eaten in a short amount of time. The yogurt cups are readily available almost every day and function as a refreshing vegetarian option, deviating from average hot meals. Since they often come with a fruit cup, a packet of granola and a bag of graham crackers, you can also save them as snacks for another time.

  1.     Chorizo Burrito: 5/10

While the burritos, freshly made by the cafeteria, are fantastic, functioning as both a hand-warmer and a hot breakfast for cold days, they aren’t perfect. Though the aluminum foil wrap keeps them warm, it also sticks to the food, which can easily tear the thin tortilla and leak the fiery contents onto your hand. Also, the burrito suggests unhealthy consequences to eaters with its overly oily appearance and taste. To a certain palate, however, the chorizo wraps are a greasy and long awaited delicacy, especially since the cafeteria serves them only a few times a month.

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  1.     Chicken Alfredo with Breadstick: 5/10

It’s not exactly Pizza Hut-quality, but no one out-pizzas the hut, so who’s complaining? This classic combination of breadstick and penne pasta provides a filling dish regardless of the hardened, crusty sauce at the top. Paired with a cookie, the meal explodes with a dual taste of sweetness and saltiness. However, both the noodles and the breadstick are extremely dry, so plenty of fluid would make the lunch much more appetizing.

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