Stepping up onto the court


Bouncing onto the court, Spanish teacher and junior varsity boys soccer coach Sergio Navarro is taking on a third role as the new girls tennis team coach. The former head coach, Alexis Feix, stepped down over the summer to become the co-athletic director. Starting this year, Navarro is taking the stage.

As a high schooler, Navarro didn’t interact with tennis much and only played in his senior year. After he took on the role of the new tennis head coach, however, Navarro resumed his activities with the sport.

“I have become completely obsessed with [tennis],” Navarro said. “Now I play three to four times a week with friends.”

Navarro says he decided to coach the girls tennis team because he wanted more experiences that could help him become a better coach. He also wanted to help the team develop their full potential. Through teaching at the school, Navarro was well acquainted with many of the team seniors.

“I love challenges and I love experiences that allow me to grow as a coach and as an educator.” Navarro said. “I knew I could count on the seniors to help me [settle in] as a new tennis coach.”

Navarro says that despite all the tough competition this year, he hopes to see the team compete and win the league title. More importantly, Navarro says, he wants the team to go out and bring out the best parts of themselves into the game.

“I hope to see them grow athletically, but also as people and as teammates,” Navarro said. “I would love for them to continue to bond and be supportive of each other. “

Navarro has already planned a few events to further help the team get closer outside of practice. In one of these activities, the tennis team is scheduled to watch the upcoming horror movie Hocus Pocus 2 together on the court on its release date, Sep. 30. He also plans to hold a doubles tennis tournament within the team. Each player will bring an adult to form a duo and compete against other player/adult groups, just to have fun.

“If these athletes learn to work well with others and learn the value of working hard for a common goal, then I will be satisfied as a coach,” Navarro said.