New coaches pursue competitive success

After a year and a half of COVID- 19 related scheduling conflicts, the Diamond Bar High School athletics department is facing numerous coaching changes in regards to the fall season.

Such coaching changes include Roberta Garcia as the girl’s golf head coach, Becky Bevans as the new girl’s volleyball coach and Jason Bae as the new girls basketball assistant coach. 

With these changes, the Brahmas look forward to a successful upcoming season. 

Girl’s golf has long been one of the most successful teams on campus.

Accompanied by the dedication and passion put into practices, Garcia hopes to continue the work of former coach Anthony McCabe by continuing to challenge the players in training them to play other teams, post season competition.

“I know that golf is an individual sport, but the girls play for the team to win,” Garcia said.  “I would like to incorporate activities during the season that will help the team become a cohesive group.”

For Garcia, golf is a sport that has been a continuous passion of hers, as her father had taught her how to play at age 11 and since then she has participated in tournaments in her free time. 

When given the opportunity to coach, she applied in hopes of gaining more coaching experience in girl’s golf.

“The girls spend a lot of time outside to perfect their game, “ Garcia said. “I want to use my coaching experience to help get the team to the last match of the season.”

Holding a deep passion for basketball, math teacher Bae hopes to gain more experience in coaching the girl’s basketball team. 

“I love basketball… I used to play basketball in high school… I wanted to be a part of it and help JV as an assistant coach.” 

“This is my first year helping out the team as a coach,” Bae said. “I wanted to be a part of it, but at the same time I wanted to learn from other coaches too who have been there and who have more experience.”

Bae hopes to guide the team towards improvement  and most importantly, helping keep the athletes safe.

“I wish to train all our players not only physically, but mentally too so they are ready to overcome any hardships or obstacles that they face,” Bae said. “We are going to play hard and try our best and hopefully we get some good outcomes from it.”