Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Ryan Chae, Asst. Sports Editor

 Valentine’s Day may be one of the most stressful holidays for guys of all ages. The pressure to create a perfect experience for that special someone in our lives can be overwhelming. Flowers, chocolates, cards, stuffed animals, and dinners are just some of the many gifts expected on the day.

While movies and romance novels always portray the perfect day, filled with lavish presents and words of adoration, it’s always for girls. Guys don’t seem to receive the same attention, but they should. Afterall, no one ever said this holiday was just meant for the females in our lives.

First off, men need some consideration too. We want to feel special and acknowledged by our loved ones. While I can’t speak for the entire male population, these are a few personal ideas.

From what I’ve gathered through speaking with other guys over the years, we desire very little of the formalities that come with this holiday. Sure, we enjoy the effort put forth, but what makes many guys happy is actually quite simple. Straightforward gifts like a night out to a movie of our choice, new clothes, or even a simple date that does not require our planning would be ideal.

Coincidentally, “Deadpool,” is coming out on Feb. 12, so ladies, remember what I said about that movie night, Fandango is only a phone call away. While that may not be a girl’s first choice, just think of the bonus points gained from sitting through a superhero movie with your guy.

A basic T-shirt, a new sweatshirt, a pair of kicks, or a cap sporting our favorite team’s logo would all make great gifts, especially if you want to improve his style. Also, knowing a guy’s favorite sports teams will help out tremendously in selecting a gift.

One of the biggest challenges many guys face is planning a date. We always try to make plans that please our special someone, but sometimes we fall short. So, for Valentine’s Day, try taking the burden placed upon your significant other’s shoulders? When it comes to guys, dressing up isn’t exactly our idea of a great time. Therefore, there’s no need for anything expensive. A picnic after a hike, In-n-Out before or after a movie, or even a simple dessert place is enough to please a guy.

Although a gift is an important aspect of the day, let’s try to keep in mind that Valentine’s Day should be about spending time together and not trying to outdo each other on the quantity and cost of presents.

But first, make sure that you actually have a special Valentine in your life before using your time and money. Don’t be afraid to talk to that special someone.