Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 9, 2016

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

 Valentine’s Day may be one of the most stressful holidays for guys of all ages. The pressure to create a perfect experience for that special someone in our lives can be overwhelming. Flowers, chocolates, cards, stuffed animals, and dinners are just some of the many gifts expected on the day. While movies and romance novels always portray the perfect day, filled with lavish presents and words of adoration, it’s always for girls. Guys don’t seem to receive the same attention, but they should. Afterall, no one ever said this holiday was just meant for the females in our lives. First off, men need some consideration too. We want to feel special and acknowledged by our loved ones. While I can’t speak for the entire male population, these are a few personal ideas. From what I’ve gathered through speaking with other guys over the years, we desire very little of the formalities that come with this holiday. Sure, we enjoy the effort put forth, but what makes many guys happy is actually quite simple. Straightforward gifts like a night out to a movie of our choice, new clothes, or even a simple date that does not require our planning would be ideal. Coincidentally, “Deadpool,” is coming out on Feb. 12, so ladies, remember what I said about that movie night, Fandango is only a phone call away. While that may not be a girl’s first choice, just think of the bonus points gained from sitting through a superhero movie with your guy. A basic T-shirt, a new sweatshirt, a pair of kicks, or a cap sporting our favorite team’s logo would all make great gifts, especially if you want to improve his style. Also, knowing a guy’s favorite sports teams will help out tremendously in selecting a gift. One of the biggest challenges many guys face is planning a date. We always try to make plans that please our special someone, but sometimes we fall short. So, for Valentine’s Day, try taking the burden placed upon your significant other’s shoulders? When it comes to guys, dressing up isn’t exactly our idea of a great time. Therefore, there’s no need for anything expensive. A picnic after a hike, In-n-Out before or after a movie, or even a simple dessert place is enough to please a guy. Although a gift is an important aspect of the day, let’s try to keep in mind that Valentine’s Day should be about spending time together and not trying to outdo each other on the quantity and cost of presents. But first, make sure that you actually have a special Valentine in your life before using your time and money. Don’t be afraid to talk to that special someone.
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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

For years, the biggest decision I faced on Valentine’s Day was deciding which boxes of Disney princess valentines I would buy to give to my classmates. Choosing between the pack with the stickers and the pack with the temporary tattoos was a struggle, but it was nothing compared to the trials that I now face on the 14 of February. While many find it literally impossible to purchase the perfect gift for their significant other, I have plenty ideas as to what I would love to receive. Here are a few: A gift from the heart: While conversation hearts and giant teddy bears have become the holiday’s norm, a homemade gift is more original, and shows that you care enough to spend time on the task of making your soulmate happy. Instead of wasting three hours putting together your perfect Soundcloud playlist, create a mixtape or playlist of songs that showcase how you truly feel for her. It’s often hard to express deep feelings in person, so let the lyrics of Ed Sheeran or Alex Turner convey them for you, (“Stuck on a Puzzle” by Turner is an excellent track to begin with.) A night out: Your valentine may eat their box of chocolates in 30 minutes, or eventually lose that necklace you bought them on Etsy, but they will never forget the perfect date you planned. While a classic dinner and a movie date will always work, take your sweetheart on an unexpected trip to the Pantages Theater in Hollywood instead. A night consisting of a live show and dinner will surely impress. The theater is currently showing the stage version of “Dirty Dancing” until Feb. 21, with tickets available at For those who want a more unconventional date, try an outing to your local Color Me Mine, where you and your loved one can paint matching mugs or piggy banks. The Downtown Brea location is very nice, and is surrounded by cute restaurants where you can end your perfect night. Something special: Many people may think that Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to show off how much they are willing to spend, but it’s the gifts that are thoughtful that truly make the most impact. Prove to your “woman crush Wednesday” how much you actually listen to her with a gift that connects to one of her obsessions. Buy her a giant poster of her favorite movie off of Amazon, a T-shirt with a reference to her fandom, or that season of her beloved show that isn’t available on Netflix. Something that is unique to her tastes is worth more than something sparkly, because it shows that you care enough to listen every time she nerds-out over her favorite things. If you find yourself without a designated person to be your valentine, any special woman in your life (such as your mother) would love some recognition.
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