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CON: Counterintuitive to success

Ethan Ro, Staff Writer
March 15, 2022

With rising concerns about the mental and physical capabilities of young Olympians, both retired athletes and onlookers have called for a minimum age requirement to compete in the games. However, considering...

PRO: Too much pressure

Jianlan Busteed, Asst. Opinion Editor
March 15, 2022

Crowds cheer while the young Olympian is awarded their first gold, cracking a broad smile. However, behind the triumphant grin of this promising talent, there is a child inexperienced in life outside the...

Wan-Take: Taking the road less travelled

Reyna Wan, Editor-in-Chief
March 15, 2022

From the time you enter the American education system, you are told that there’s only one path to success: get into a four-year university, graduate with a degree in a stable field and either get an...

Wan-Take: Making way for a liberal future

Reyna Wan, Editor-In-Chief
February 16, 2022

In an increasingly conservative Supreme Court, there comes one change that has the possibility to reset the liberal agenda: the retirement of Associate Justice Stephen Breyer.  Appointed during the...

Eye of the Editors: Counterintuitive health measures

February 15, 2022

The layout for West Coast schools is a dream: spacious, outdoor settings that permit students to stretch their legs and soak up the sun before attending their next grueling lecture. And, with its modernized...

Permanent leave of absence

Kyle Hong, Staff Writer
February 15, 2022

With COVID-19 worsening everywhere, both students and staff have been left wondering how to run schools efficiently as another spike in cases has led many teachers to retire. By virtue of the position,...

Fifteen minute testing failure

Nathan Chu, Asst. Sports Editor
February 15, 2022

With more and more people testing positive for Omicron, there has been increasing amounts of confusion over which type of test should be used, causing ineffective containment of those infected with COVID-19...

Bleeding money for feminine hygiene products

Bleeding money for feminine hygiene products

Somiya Jajieh, Feature Editor
February 15, 2022

My least favorite part about having a period isn’t curling into a fetal position to ward off cramps, or the way my face flares up with bright red acne. It’s not even the nausea-inducing headaches that...

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