Weaving more opportunities for crocheting


Weaving zigzag patterns to create designs ranging from animals to bags, Diamond Bar High School Crochet Club starts the year with many aspirations. 

Crochet Club is a new club that was formed this school year. The club was founded by senior Maritza Mendoza, who just started learning to crochet early November of last year. The club opts to provide a space for all students, with experience or no experience, to gather and express themselves freely through the art of crochet.

“I wanted this club to be a space where any level crocheter could come and crochet,” Mendoza said. “I hope to make the club grow and for every member to learn how to crochet by the end of my time in Diamond Bar High School.”

Mendoza only recently began crocheting as a hobby. But after starting this club, she started to gain more experience and crocheting skills through the help of other officers and members. 

“The main reason I wanted to make the club was because learning how to crochet was part of my New Year’s resolution. To make sure I completed it, I made the club because I rarely had time to practice [in my own time.]” Mendoza said.

She learns and teaches, all the while inspiring other club members to do the same. She is a source of inspiration for many.

“The club, in a way, represents my way of spreading information. For a while, crochet became a hobby and something that would take my mind off the stress. So teaching others how to crochet is like teaching them my own way of relieving stress,” club officer junior Joy Ahn said.

Crochet Club has not started to sell their creations yet, but individual members are planning to sell their work. Ahn has gotten some offers from her peers for her crochet creations, but she said that she does not want to commit to a business just yet. 

“I would be committing to a project that I don’t really have time for at the moment,” Ahn said. “Though I don’t plan on making a career out of crocheting, it’ll definitely be one of my hobbies for life.” 

Instead of profit interests, the club is more heavily focused on inspiring others to crochet and challenge themselves. Maritza and Ahn develop their skills as artists and people by taking on complex, long-term projects such as crocheting a tote bag. The club continues to kick off passion projects and crochet whatever inspiration brings them. Ahn finds great satisfaction from finishing pieces.

“The product of my crochet projects motivates me to crochet,” Ahn said. “By crocheting, I get to make what I want the way I want it. It’s always difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for online, and they’re expensive. So crocheting is the cheaper, more rewarding alternative.”