The unsung tale of brahma tech kids

Just entering high school, it is not easy for students to right away decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Diamond Bar High School’s Brahma Tech Academy is a 4-year program that integrates students into a curriculum that explores science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). With class requirements and internship opportunities specializing in STEM, students are set on the right path to pursue related careers onward. Along the way, Brahma Tech kids join together in networking and learning life lessons.

by Jocelyn Kuo

What Brahma Tech means to me is a program that pushes you to capitalize on your opportunities. If it wasn’t for Brahma Tech, I would not have thought about applying for an internship during my summer before senior year. My experience at the UC COSMOS program has been a critical factor for my decision in choosing to pursue a biology major in college. Furthermore, Brahma Tech also gave me early exposure to the professional aspect of the world through assignments such as writing cover letters and creating my resume. Ultimately, Brahma Tech had a significant impact on me as it allowed me to further explore my STEM passion and prepared me for my future after high school.

by Jessica Wang

When I walked into my first meeting with the school’s technology and STEM program, I didn’t know what to expect. What I did not expect was a program that would build the foundations of my high school journey and guide me in the direction that would determine my college major. In freshman year, I saw the achievements of the seniors. In sophomore year, I started to work towards my own achievements through the many workshops that Brahma Tech provided, such as resume-building and what the rest of my high school career would look like. In junior year, I worked towards applying for my own STEM-related internship and interview training, which gave me the opportunities that Boeing was able to provide for my STEM-related careers. In senior year, I am preparing for college while reflecting on the workshops and lessons I’ve learned from this program, which provided the foundation and building steps for my own engineering goals.