Stunt flips with thrills and more

After two years in the making, the Diamond Bar High School stunt team successfully made its debut. 

Stunt includes a four-quarter game where two stunt teams go onto the mat at the same time to perform one of their 18 routines. Those routines showcase a plethora of skills, from jumps to partner stunts.

DBHS’s stunt team ended up finishing with a 6-1 league record, tying for first place in the Hacienda League. They emerged victorious against the undefeated South Hills, which led them to the League Championship title in only their inaugural season. 

“Truthfully, I thought pretty early on that we could win,” head coach Christian Calero said. “We were brand-new, and most brand-new teams really struggle.”

While the team ended the season successfully, they faced apparent challenges at the beginning of their season as they were preparing to compete against Los Altos. 

“I think one improvement we could’ve made was having more faith in ourselves and our abilities,” junior Sarah Lin said. “There was some doubt at the beginning of the season, but that all went away when we won our first game.”

However, this nervousness only strengthened their teamwork, leading them to back-to-back victories. 

The wins the team gained would lead them to continue working toward something greater, making their strengths as a group even greater. 

 “I knew we had an amazing set of coaches, a [great] set of athletes, and a great mix of hard work, energy and enthusiasm,” Calero said. “You put that all together, and you have a chance at something special.” 

These strengths led the team to even greater victory, as they would go on to win against schools such as Walnut and Wilson with large scores ranging from 20-1 against Baldwin Park. 

“We have a bulldoggedness to us,” Calero said. “We believe that the team is first. And for us to be successful, we all have to be successful. We foster the idea of we greater sign me.” 

The stunt team had an amazing season, and they could only attribute their success to their leadership and the team itself. 

“My feelings for the team is that we did something special,” Calero said.