Senior Column: Rachel Lee

For all the time that I’ve spent on The Bull’s Eye these past three years, my greatest regret is having never written a satire. That being said, here is a completely truthful, one-hundred-percent accurate, not-at-all exaggerated retelling of my time as a member of the student newspaper.

The Diamond Bar High School student newspaper has always seemed to me the pinnacle of achievement ever since I was very young, as one might say, it was my raison d’être. As far back as my conception as a terrible, gooey fetus in my mother’s womb, I’ve aspired to be a member of such an illustrious institution.

Of course, before joining the actual student newspaper, I had to first take the prerequisite class, Journalism I, the first of many stumbling blocks impeding my path to eventual success and prosperity as a Bull’s Eye staffer. During that year, Sisyphus was my idol and inspiration, for I weathered many seemingly insurmountable obstacles and braved the most excruciating of challenges. 

Our old advisor Doug List put me through a gauntlet of trials: a battery of “Current Event” quizzes of devilish infamy, the abominable intensity of a 30-second interview and of course, most grueling of them all, our weekly blog assignments—-all of these I travailed and prevailed, until finally enough, in the fall of my sophomore year, I was ready to be baptized into the highly exclusive ranks of the newspaper staff. 

And so it was, that the years that followed were a time of great joy and learning.  How to write an essay, how to resolve conflicts, and even how to plug in a computer—all of these are skills that I have picked up from the innumerable deadline nights (all of which I attended to the very end, obviously, never leaving a second earlier than the event hosts) of the past few years.

I am also unable to forget the great contributions of the many brilliant minds I had the pleasure to work with in my time on staff. 

Every single one of my colleagues has been unparalleled in their creativity for article ideas, especially those for my section, the Opinion section, of which I believe to be the most difficult to conceive thoughts for. A great many of my fellows on staff also seem to have been borne with the wings of Hermes himself, for their responses to my Discord messages were invariably endowed with incomparable speed.

But in all honesty, I do appreciate how far I’ve come and how much I’ve managed to improve from my days on staff. Though at times there were struggles, I can’t say that I regret ever having joined the student newspaper.

Therefore, I would like to express a measure of thanks to everyone who I have worked with on The Bull’s Eye thus far. Our experiences together really helped me write my personal essay for college applications.