Senior column: Charles Tam

The end of the first chapter of my life is near and now is the time to reflect on everything. As I look back on my high school experience enriched with different activities, my decision to join The Bull’s Eye as a sports editor was one of the best moves I have made.

It seems like yesterday when I was a freshman in Journalism I learning from the best in Mr. List. His daily lectures would often have me struggling to stay awake, but looking back, those were the times when I learned the most about everything involving journalism. I came out of Journalism I with all the tools to be a journalist, so I was eager to take my talents to Journalism II and write for The Bull’s Eye.

It may seem like being on a newspaper staff is just constantly writing stories and designing layout pages, but it was so much more than that. The most memorable moments of being on The Bull’s Eye were during the monthly deadline nights that we would have. Those Friday nights spent at school would not only be to finish layout work for publication in the following week, but those nights were always filled with jokes and laughter among all the staff. 

The brotherhood that I became a part of with Ethan, Edward, Jeremiah, Nathan and Ryan, along with others on staff made the class incredibly enjoyable. I will always cherish the unforgettable moments I had with the past and current Bull’s Eye staff.

Outside of writing and designing for the school newspaper, my other activities also made the last four years very enjoyable. I found success in swimming and made life-long relationships with those I met through the sport. I also discovered a passion for working out in the gym that I will continue to pursue throughout college and beyond.

During the weekends, I would always find time to spend with friends and family, which was always fun as a way to decompress from school. Being a part of a large friend group of 18 guys certainly kept me company throughout the years, especially during quarantine when we would play computer games all day to keep busy. Thinking about it now, I probably had too much fun for my own good throughout high school.

Now that I am graduating, I’ll miss all the sweet times, but I’m excited to move on to the next chapter of my life. Throughout most of high school, I was clueless about what I wanted to do in the future, but I can finally say that I have a plan for where my life will take me. Big thanks to my family and friends that supported me through thick and thin, as well as to Mr. List, Ms. Chen and Mr. Miller for their time and effort into the newspaper.