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Reminiscing on Childhood Melodies


The magic of Disney combines with the talent of the thespians, as they gather for the Disney Cabaret. This showcase was open to both theater and drama students on October 6th.

Various students sang a Disney song or acted out a scene from a Disney movie of their choice, performing for their fellow drama peers. Cabaret performances provide an opportunity to showcase acting and singing skills to the drama students as preparation before bigger shows. This year’s participants included seniors Joshua Padilla, Samuel Lee, Ira Wright and Kelly Xu. Underclassmen performers included sophomores Rae Martinez and Harrison James and freshmen Sophie Pallencaoe and Sarabella Tata. 

“I haven’t done a cabaret since sophomore year, and I wanted the chance to perform something that was low stakes,” Wright said. “I chose to perform ‘Part of Your World’ by Halle Bailey because I try to pick songs I don’t normally get the chance to perform for an audience.”

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For most of the participants, it was their first time singing in the cabaret, allowing them to get outside of their comfort zone. It also provided a greater experience for the returning performers.

“I chose to sing ‘All I Want’ by Olivia Rodrigo,” Martinez said. “Her song just says everything that I want to say. I practiced the song by making sure I knew it really well.”

The cabaret featured a wide variety of Disney songs, from traditional to modern pop. Choosing a song of their choice, performers expressed themselves through their songs, channeling their own personality through the character. This theme was favored by the students because it left much to interpretation. 

“I love this year’s theme,” Xu said. “It’s grown up with me and Disney is so broad, that I’ve really liked to see how it grew and how there is so much more impact, especially in music. Since it was a big part of my life, I was really excited.” 

Held at the beginning of the year, the cabaret is designed to be low stakes and stress free for the performers, making it a small and intimate event.

“I love to sing and perform because it’s a unique musical outlet where I can express myself in ways that nothing else can,” Lee said. “Everytime it is almost a surreal experience where you can connect deeply with a certain song or character that your persona shifts and you essentially become one.”

Whether it was playing their preferred song in the car, studying the lyrics, or performing it to their family members, each student made sure they knew their songs well.

“Performing has always been my way of getting out of my comfort zone and putting myself out there,” Padilla said. “Singing shows my creative side. I get to show my unique style of singing to others and demonstrate the talent I have worked hard to improve.”

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