Preparing for future business


Diamond Bar High School’s Future Business Leaders of America met staggering success in their most recent competition while participating in the State Leadership Conference from April 27 to 30.

Through this conference, FBLA members were able to connect with fellow high school chapters, elect state leaders and ultimately determine qualifiers for the National Leadership Conference scheduled to be held later this year.

To qualify for SLC, students first competed in the Inland Section Leadership Conference, where they needed to place at least sixth. Once at state, students once again competed, with those placing fourth or higher advancing to NLC.

To prepare for competition, competitors begin studying objective tests using FBLA’s online resources and practice tests, while case study and presentation competitors are advised by club advisor Bill Pierce to prepare. Students who partake in presentation events prepare projects and ideas to demonstrate through designs and videos, while those who participate in case studies must create solutions to theoretical situations under time restraints.

“I was really nervous studying for my tests. But in the end I did not care, because the experience was better than actually winning,” junior Eri Chun said.

Chun and senior Kaitlin Chow were two of many students who competed, presented and networked amongst the countless FBLA chapters at SLC with focuses on graphic design, personal finance and HR marketing. Chow placed first in graphic design and sixth in social media strategies, while Chun placed ninth in public service announcement.

“We got chapter and advisor of the year in our section and even placed for sweepstakes which is a super big deal,” Chun said. “We’ve grown so much as a club and community, and I know that with each year, we will come back stronger and stronger.”

After a rigorous competition, DBHS’s chapter had 11 Brahmas qualify to advance for their upcoming National Leadership Conference in the summer, placing fourth or higher in their respective categories.

“The award ceremony was the best part of the whole trip because basically everyone from our chapter went on stage and got their award,” said Chun. “It was so exciting whenever they called out someone from DBHS since we kept jumping and cheering for everyone.”

While SLC provides students with countless competitive activities and events, the multi-day conference after the competition gives students the opportunity to network and participate in workshops where they are taught how to improve basic skills like communication and money management. 

“The community and club DBHS FBLA has grown into is one that constantly strives to better itself. But more than that, it’s become a second family to many on campus,” Chow said. “I know that what me and the other seniors leave behind is a positive legacy, and I can’t wait to see what FBLA does next.”