Incoming class of ‘27 visits campus

With the school year nearing its end, a new one approaches, and with it, a fresh group of students at Diamond Bar High School. To introduce the campus and show off programs to the incoming Class of 2027, DBHS continued its tradition of hosting an eighth-grade orientation. This year’s showcase took place on Friday May 12, 2023.

The orientation began with a rally for the middle schoolers, with performances from band, Dance Company and other performing-arts programs. After that, the school showed off its athletics program, followed by a tour around campus. The orientation ended with a smaller version of club rush where eighth-graders could check out various clubs, including E-Sports Club, Printed Works, UNICEF, Gender-Sexuality Alliance and others (including The Bull’s Eye).

“The goal is to attract the incoming freshmen that will be coming here next year and to welcome them to an inclusive community where they can have fun and meet new people,” president of E-Sports senior Carly Law said. 

Many of the clubs hope to expand membership by attracting the incoming freshman to join them in the coming year.

“I hope the incoming freshmen are able to bring their own experiences and their own thoughts into our club to expand on what we already do,” junior GSA member Natalie Thai said. “Hopefully, as current officers graduate, more freshmen and other younger students can take over and create even more from this club.”

Other clubs reflected similar sentiments, hoping that the middle schoolers would be able to contribute to the growing club atmosphere on campus.

“We hope they bring the desire to make a difference and help our club in volunteering as well as to learn and the drive to just be involved in our school and their communities,” UNICEF president junior Sabrina Lin said.

Many of the incoming freshmen found the event to be informational and helpful. 

“I think [the orientation] was really fun. It showed me how the school is,” eighth-grader Spencer Wong said. “I think I’ll like the events. It looks really fun from what I’m experiencing.” 

Many of the eighth-graders also said they approved of the school based on what they saw on the tour, from the student store to the community. 

“This school is a masterpiece. The community looks so nice and everybody is friendly,” eighth-grader Kevin Hu said. “I like the school’s design, I like the school’s mascot and I like the school shops.”