Helping students learn more about the scientific field through research

This was the year for new clubs to emerge, including Diamond Bar High School’s Research Club. Thanks to junior club president Mary Zhang and vice president Joanna Liu, the club helps people gain the experience they need in scientific fields. 

The club’s main goal is to help students who struggled to get professionally involved in the STEM field to now learn more about the field through internships and collaboration with other clubs. 

The club has a lot of purposes, but its biggest purpose is to help its members expand their experience in their preferred scientific field and gain more interest in their field as well,” Liu said via Instagram. 

The club has two different outlets of research for the members to choose from: podcasts and journal writing. The podcast is called Sci-Talk, and the topics discussed cover anything from medicine to neuroscience. The STAR Journal stands for Science Technology and Research and allows members to write about a topic and then publish their work in the club’s online magazine, found on their website 

“So far, there have been a variety of topics such as publications on global warming, the science behind music and more. Mostly, people choose topics along those lines, though we encourage them to expand their studies as time passes,” Liu said via Instagram. 

The Sci-Talk department already released its first episode on YouTube and Spotify. The hosts, junior Lucy Wu and sophomore Kaylene Trinh, and their editor, Sophomore Aaron Liang, successfully delivered the podcast in the end, despite some struggles. 

“The first episode turned out really good! While it was challenging for the department to create since most of us have never done anything like publishing a podcast before, the final result was beyond our expectations,” Liu said via Instagram.

Some goals they have for the rest of this semester include expanding their podcast and magazines to reach a larger audience. They also hope to recruit more people into the club. Further in the future, the club hopes to host summer internships for the members who have already been accepted by internships.