Harmonizing through competitions


Singing with growing talent through the 2023 season, Diamond Bar High School’s choir department concluded the year on a high note, with all four teams placing competitively.

At the last competition at John Burroughs High School, the school’s Diamond Tones won third place, while the all-male group Radiant took home third place in advanced bass. Solitaire earned second place in intermediate treble. Marquis placed second for best choreography in the advanced mix tier one. 

“The best choreography was definitely well-earned, because our choreographer worked so hard and pushed us to be where we are, and I’m really grateful for that,” senior Aeron McCoy said. “I think it was the bonds that we shared and the passion that we had for the art that allowed us to win.”

Students awarded best performers at the last competition included junior Jimmy Chen in Diamond Tones, junior Jessie Li in Solitaire, senior Daniel Illingworth in Radiant, and senior Olivia James in Marquis. Senior Jolene Wu in Solitaire was awarded best soloist. 

Since the theme of Solitaire’s performance was K-pop, the singers in that number were required to learn Korean in order to sing the songs. 

“At first the dancing was really challenging when we first learned it,” junior Violet Kieta said. “But I think everyone was really up to the challenge, and we all were able to get it in the end. Also learning to sing in Korean was really hard; only one person on the team was actually fluent.” 

Moreover, another choir group, Marquis, competed in four competitions. The first one in Esperanza, the second in Burbank, the third in Hart, and the last in John Burroughs High School. Their theme was Ivy League Fever, and the show depicted a collection of students under the constant pressure of society to get into an Ivy League school. The performance showcased the decisions of either aiming for prestigious universities or following their own path.  

“The story kind of follows these five or six characters where they all go through their own personal exploration and self-growth,” McCoy said. 

From endless practices to numerous show dates, each choir performance presented something unique and different. Every choir group had a contrasting bond, forming relationships like no other. 

 “This year especially, it was so easy to form a connection with everyone. The group this year was so tight knit, and I really felt a connection with everyone, and I think that’s pretty cool and pretty rare,” Kieta said. “I think choir really helps me improve a lot with my dancing and singing. I was really proud of my teammates when we got second place at the last competition.”

Moreover, the students both share the goal of improving their singing and projecting more with their performance. 

“I would really like to keep improving and growing as a performer, creating new bonds with people and still sharing that passion with others that I have for choir or drama. I want to continue to be a role model for the underclassmen, because the seniors did so much for me last year, and I really hope that I can do the same,” McCoy said.