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Fostering new connections

Welcoming students from every corner of Diamond Bar High School, Best Buddies provides a safe space for students with intellectual disabilities to create meaningful friendships. Through monthly meetings and weekly interactive events, the club aims to spread positivity and intellectual disability awareness throughout the campus. 

Earlier in the year, Best Buddies encouraged non-members to get involved in the school’s annual club rush. Officers, most of whom were returning members, used decorated picture frames, posters and trifolds to advertise the club’s events and activities. 

“We were happy with the turnout. There were over 100 people who signed up to join, we saw so many new faces at our first general meeting,” secretary Jewel Yang said. 

Both Yang and president Jane Kim have been devoted members since their freshman year. They shared their positive experiences and gave insight to what Best Buddies has in store. 

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“My favorite events were celebrating holidays with our club!” said Kim via Instagram. “We decorated cookies with buddies and watched movies.”

Club meetings are held every Tuesday, where members are given the opportunity to interact and establish stronger connections. Some bonding activities include painting, making friendship bracelets and holding parties during lunch.

“Peer buddies,” a concept introduced by the club, allows students to apply for or become a peer buddy. These individuals are then paired up and committed to a specific buddy to spend time with for the entire school year.

Although Best Buddies does not offer service hours, sign in sheets are created by officers to log participation. Members and officers communicate through email, SMS and social media. Best Buddies’ Instagram account, @dbhsbestbuddies, showcases most of the club’s past events such as games, crafts and parties through group photos and promotional graphics.

“It’s nothing crazy, we don’t offer hours. [Best Buddies] is a way for students to socialize and let go of school and just be themselves,” Kim said.

The officers hope to attract more students who are open to having fun with people outside of their friend groups. The willingness of individuals to step out of their comfort zone is the driving force behind the success of Best Buddies.

“We host meetings that are open for anyone to attend, whether they are a member or not,” Yang said. “Our goal is to enroll more members and hopefully get more people to apply and become a peer buddy.”

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