Encapsulating Paris in a magical evening


Emulating the essence of Parisian streets, Diamond Bar High School’s 2023 prom turned out to be a resounding success. With preparations over a year in the making, the “Midnight in Paris” was an enjoyable experience for the majority of students.

The class of 2024 prom committee spent months planning the prom dance so that all attendees could enjoy the evening that was the culmination of their efforts coming to fruition. While planning for the event had started all the way back during the latter half of the 2021-2022 school year, venue and theme selection did not begin until the first month of the 2022-2023 school year. 

Members of the Class of 2024 committee that showed particularly strong work ethic and dedication were selected to dedicate their time to the prom committee in October. With this group and the guidance of advisors Stacy Tenace and Shari DeCambra, who had experience with setting up prom in the past, the process was rapidly finalized. Members were delegated to different tasks, including advertising, ticket sales, lunchtime activities and decorations, spending extensive amounts of time throughout the year to maximize the quality of the event. 

Officers and members alike often spent multiple days a week preparing step-by-step for the event. This included communicating with fellow members and advisors, meeting with their individual committees, taking photographs of events like spirit weeks and lunchtime activities, and designing flyers for publicity on the official Instagram account. All of this happened while still managing their usual schoolwork.

The theme, which tried to capture the vibes of the “City of Light,” Paris, France, was thought of by junior historian Eri Chun, and selected by the students of the CO24 through a voting process.

“I thought the idea would be really fitting for the venue,” she said. “Every officer on the board had a week to think of [a theme], and then we made a poll for the class of 2024.”

The Hollywood venue was selected by the advisors, which had previously been used for prom in 2017.

All this work, according to Chun, paid off on the day of prom itself, when all the decorations were up, activities were bustling and food was being shared.

“Everyone seemed to really like [prom],” Chun said. “I’m pretty satisfied with how everything came out, and I can definitely say that all of our hard work [paid off] as we had so much fun that night. It was just such a great feeling to see all my peers having a good time as well.”

Other officers echoed similar sentiments, citing the hard work of all those involved as the catalyst for their successes.

“I can’t express enough how grateful I am to each and every individual who contributed to the planning of prom,” junior class president Justin Kung said. “It was only due to the collective efforts of everyone that we were able to pull this off.”