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David Ghermezi: Math pro and super smash bro champion

Photo courtesy of David Ghermezi

As one of the newest members of the Diamond Bar High School staff, David Ghermezi comes to DBHS bringing two of his passions to share with his students: videogames and mathematics.

Despite never having any intentions of playing Super Smash Bros competitively, Ghermezi played and was ranked #1 at Cal Poly Pomona University. He has also won tournaments like Evo, Half Moon and Big House. 

 “There is always ways to get better and it’s fun to see that improvement. It’s actually pretty similar to why I like teaching,” Ghermezi said.

Unfortunately, he can’t play as often anymore because he now has the responsibility of being a DBHS teacher. But when he has time, he enjoys playing recreationally, with his friends. However, in the competitive sphere, Ghermezi would like to participate in Genesis Gaming.

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Ghermezi initially got into Super Smash Bros by watching a documentary: “The Smash Brothers”. “The Smash Brothers” documentary paints a story of the scene and why people play as well as highlighting specific pro players and their journeys. 

“It inspired a whole new generation of competitors, myself included, who are called “doc kids” because me and many other players started playing after watching the documentary,” Ghermezi said.

  According to the math teacher, Super Smash Bros is an extension of himself. When he is playing against someone else and loses, that means that there is something else he could improve on. Beyond playing Super Smash Bros, he also plays Teamfight Tactics, Overwatch 2, Dota 2 and World of Warcraft.

“I always want to get better at whatever it is I’m doing. So right now I’m mostly focused on becoming a better teacher, but I also like improving at Super Smash Bros even though I don’t play as much anymore.” Ghermezi said.

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